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Amazon unveiled its new Amazon Basics Microwave during an event in Seattle on Thursday. The microwave is available to pre-order on Thursday, and costs $60.... [Read More]
Stars enjoy a delicious cocktail as much as the next person. But what exactly are they drinking? You may be surprised to learn what adult... [Read More]
Walmart is shipping 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to stores for training purposes, the company announced on Thursday. Walmart is expanding a program it began last... [Read More]
London-based betting startup Smarkets lets employees pick how much they want to get paid. The system works through social consensus, with each employees' salary information... [Read More]
According to the IDF, following the Israeli air strike on a Syrian military facility near the port city of Latakia, Syria fired missiles that hit... [Read More]
PayPal also closed the accounts of five pro-BDS organizations in France since January. [Read More]
What time is it? Maybe time to get a new wall clock, powered by Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant. The wall clock, somewhat unimaginatively... [Read More]
Millennial investors have been pilling into Nio, the Tesla of China, shares since its US initial public offering last week. Nio shares have gained 46%... [Read More]
New polling has found that a solid majority of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's constituents don't want her to seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.... [Read More]
Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler says there are "multiple wounded and multiple fatalities" in a shooting at a Rite Aid Distribution Center in Maryland. Rough... [Read More]
Plans have been revealed for a self-powering ship that will remove plastic pollution from the sea, processing it into fuel as it goes. Stuart McDill... [Read More]
Amazon just announced the addition of four new audio products in its Echo lineup. The Echo Input gives you Alexa control by connecting to... [Read More]
He appointed a former federal judge, Barbara S. Jones, to examine whether the archdiocese is following protocols, but she may not release a public report. [Read More]
A doctor writes that "antibodies made by the mother protect infants during the first months of life." [Read More]
Readers elaborate on a Sunday Review article's contention that libraries are hardly obsolete. [Read More]
Would you like to get out of the starting blocks faster when your alarm clock sounds? If so, you need a morning ritual or routine... [Read More]
It sounds like a something out of a horror movie: A town covered in thousands of webs, each crawling with hordes of spiders. [Read More]
Valentino Dixon relied on Golf Digest for the inspiration for drawings he made while serving a life sentence for murder he claimed he didn't commit.... [Read More]
What are some things that only someone who has been programming 20-50 years would know? This question was originally answered on Quora by John Byrd. [Read More]
College dorms are notorious for their cramped quarters, mildew-ridden bathrooms, and inexplicable carpet stains. For most of us, they're a necessary evil— it's hard to... [Read More]