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The best photos from this week in weather. [Read More]

Indigenous People's March is held to draw unity among indigenous people worldwide and call attention to injustices affecting men, women and children.

... [Read More]
More than 400 people have been ordered to leave a public housing complex in South Carolina where gas leaks may have been responsible for the... [Read More]
Meagan Hunter says a manager at a Chili's Grill & Bar restaurant in Phoenix told her her clothes were not "gender appropriate." [Read More]
Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon released documents that he said show Nielsen lied to Congress about the Trump administration's family separations. [Read More]
Even in mid-January, it's not too late to find a good bargain in Major League Baseball free agency. ... [Read More]
This week's online release of a teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home was an off-the-wall sensation for Sony's Columbia Pictures racking up 130 million... [Read More]
R. Lee Ermey was laid to rest Friday in a military ceremony that included a firing squad and presentation of the American flag. The accomplished... [Read More]
A sociologist explains the strange appeal of watching someone else attack their acne. [Read More]
A great white shark, believed to be one of the largest on the planet, has been spotted by divers as it fed on a whale... [Read More]
Sometimes fantasy basketball requires a lot of mental gymnastics, and sometimes it's just about finding a matchup that looks promising and riding with it. Jeff... [Read More]
Send Devin Booker, the Phoenix Phenom to the 2019 NBA All-Star Game. Go to to cast your vote today. [Read More]
Restaurant executives, including CEOs at Denny's, Chipotle, and Macaroni Grill, all mentioned rising labor costs as the biggest challenge plaguing the restaurant industry in 2019.... [Read More]
This article examines the success that offensively-inclined teams are now experiencing and how this may be a new age of sports altogether. [Read More]
Kim Yong Chol, a high-level official in North Korea's Communist government, meets with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington Friday.        ... [Read More]
The country's ambassador to the United States takes issue with an editorial. [Read More]
Practical and unabashedly pretty, low-heeled beribboned shoes feel fresh again this season. [Read More]
Gina Rodriguez is working on the last season of "Jane the Virgin," Netflix's "Carmen Sandiego" and a new action film called "Miss Bala." And all... [Read More]
A newly released draft memo by officials in the departments of Homeland Security and Justice reveals how far the Trump administration was willing to go... [Read More]
Today's episode of the Black and Blue Report presented by SeatGeek is hosted by Ashley Amoss and Caroline Gonzalez as they sit down with Fox... [Read More]