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Michael Avenatti tells USA TODAY that despite his arrest over an alleged domestic abuse incident, he is still debating a bid for the White House. [Read More]
 Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie says he will discipline staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School "as early as next week" after a state... [Read More]

The contest is headed to a legally required hand recount after an initial review by machines showed Rick Scott and Bill Nelson separated by fewer... [Read More]

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes pretty much threw the entire NFL world for a loop on Thursday when the MVP candidate told reporters that... [Read More]
From NBA guard to NBA insider? Maybe that's the case here. On Thursday, journeyman point guard Jarrett Jack had a simple message for the NBA... [Read More]
Caring for a mother who suffers from dementia was really hard. I wish I could do it again. [Read More]
Global oil markets have changed rapidly in the past month. A confluence of surging supply, slacking demand and growing geopolitical risks, as well as rapidly... [Read More]
Hundreds of interviews. Thousands of miles traveled to 10 states, even as far as Alaska. A search for a silencer. Since eight members of a... [Read More]
Hundreds of people remain unaccounted for and 58 people have died. [Read More]
North Korea has tested a... [Read More]
A local turkey named Smoke, often found in an Ashwaubenon neighborhood, is making quite a name for himself. [Read More]
Fortnite's massive success was unprecedented, but since then it has been copied. This article looks like the in-game purchase economy and how even in games... [Read More]
The winning recipe for influencer marketing success always comes down to identifying campaign goals and target audiences and matching that information to current platform trends. [Read More]
Applying the 80/20 principle and the law of diminishing returns are keys to skyrocketing your marketing success. [Read More]
In order to design software or provide a service with universal appeal, you need to be able to step out of your day-to-day life and... [Read More]
Because humans are hardwired to connect, no individual or organization can perform well for a sustained period of time without it. [Read More]
Increasing revenue isn't impossible; it just requires a little more work and risk to make changes. [Read More]
Under the new tax law, cost segregation remains important to 1031 exchanges. Actually, the benefits have increased in some cases. [Read More]
Risk mitigation is a cornerstone to any successful property management business. [Read More]
A strong winter storm moving over the eastern half of the country has claimed at least eight lives and knocked out power for tens of... [Read More]