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The House speaker's confrontational approach to the president has united Democrats and cheered liberals — but it also carries risks ahead of the 2020 campaign. [Read More]
The pretty Italian town of Sambuca on Sicily is hoping its sale of homes for one euro, or just over a dollar, will help revive... [Read More]
A perfectly circular ice floe in Maine's Presumpscot River has attracted international attention. [Read More]
The arrival of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro at the helm of Brazil, with his hard line against crime and support for lethal... [Read More]
A senior North Korean official has arrived in Beijing, reportedly en route to the United States for talks ahead of a possible second summit between... [Read More]
The "Dogs of the Dow" is one of the simplest, most well-known dividend strategies on Wall Street. [Read More]
The address was delivered as a letter to Congress for 112 years... [Read More]
The Anak Krakatau volcano (Malay translation: child of Krakatoa) is one of the most active in Indonesia. On December 22, 2018, part of the volcanic... [Read More]
Complying with cybersecurity regulations doesn't make you secure. For true peace of mind, we need to go further. [Read More]
Years ago, I worked in corporate America (and Canada), and I have often talked and written about how the lessons I learned can transfer between... [Read More]
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon says leadership is about learning to admit when you're wrong and to change your point of view. Solomon shared that... [Read More]
Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's stunning interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night is still making waves, and a CNN panel agreed on Thursday morning... [Read More]
In its heyday, Sears was not only the biggest retailer in the world, but it also owned and founded multiple companies and brands offering everything... [Read More]
Places like Starbucks and Red Robin will give you free food or drinks on your birthday. Destination Hotels says they'll give you a discount... [Read More]
Serena Williams is hoping to win an eighth Australian Open title this month but has admitted she literally has no idea where many of her... [Read More]
US-based internet radio company Pandora has announced that it is introducing Voice Mode for mobile, a smart assistant feature similar to Amazon's Alexa that will... [Read More]
He should not be required to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation. [Read More]
A decent grown-up who can govern. What more do you need? [Read More]
John C. Bogle, the father of the retail index fund and an outspoken champion for low-cost investing that won him heroic status among individual investors,... [Read More]
At her engagement on Wednesday, January 16, someone called Meghan Markle a 'fat lady,' and her response was just too good. Here's what she said. [Read More]