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As the Cubana flight touched down in Havana, the passengers around me broke into raucous applause. It was not polite "nice landing" or "glad we finally arrived" clapping, but the kind of... [Read More]
On this day in 1864, in the midst of the Civil War, Democratic delegates nominated Gen. George McClellan to run against President Abraham Lincoln, who was seeking a second term. [Read More]
It was a U.S. Senate primary season in Florida brimming with the promise of heated races in both parties as Sen. Marco Rubio decided to run for president, leaving a political crown jewel:... [Read More]
Unless you're a high-ranking government official, it's hard to get a meeting with any secretary of state. But during Hillary Clinton's tenure, there was another way: Pay up. A staggering... [Read More]
Mike Fleiss, the creator of the "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," announced the news Tuesday night on Twitter. [Read More]
Although the term programmatic is often thought of as merely automation via digital plumbing, "We believe there's a lot of strategy in programmatic," particularly for political advertising campaigns, says Erik Requidan of Intermarkets and... [Read More]
Advertisers and agencies were the first to embrace data to plan and measure the results of television and video advertising campaigns. But with MVPD's and content publishers experiencing "consumption fragmentation" across devices other... [Read More]
An unidentified woman called police during the Pulse nightclub shooting rampage and said her brother was hiding in a bathroom, describing a terrifying scene with "a lot of dead people," newly released 911 calls... [Read More]
The Arizona senator is expected to have a tough challenge in the fall. [Read More]
The EU has already ruled against Starbucks and is probing Amazon, McDonald's taxes.        ... [Read More]
The real battle starts now. [Read More]
Cops searched the R&B star's house after he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman inside.        ... [Read More]
Retailers such as Sephora and Ulta offer so many free samples that some shameless 'customers' are making daily stops. [Read More]
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North Korea recently executed a vice premier, South Korea's government said, a move that would be the latest in a series of high-level purges by dictator Kim Jong Un. [Read More]
The exes dated for about six weeks after the show, but couldn't leave 'Paradise' behind. [Read More]
A fast-moving vegetation fire north of Beaumont spread to 1,000 acres Tuesday afternoon, displacing hundreds of residents from rural communities in Riverside County, authorities said. The Bogart fire was reported at 12:25... [Read More]
Here's one more thing to add to Chris Brown's laundry list of legal issues right now, and it's a big one -- losing custody of his daughter, Royalty. has the EXCLUSIVE details... [Read More]
Juan Martin del Potro has used the backhand slice to fuel a comeback.        ... [Read More]
The beloved (and record-breaking) Masterpiece series ends its run tonight. [Read More]
A group of high-ranking House Democrats asked the FBI Tuesday to investigate whether Donald Trump's campaign had any "overt and covert" connection to cyberattacks believed to be conducted by Russian government hackers. ... [Read More]