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Tom Wyler says that rather than trying to dismantle the Electoral College, Congress should redefine it. In place of a winner-take-all approach, the Electoral College... [Read More]
For the millennial generation, homeownership can still be intimidating. Here's what you should consider before making an offer. [Read More]
Superheroes, arsenic, and Trump economics... [Read More]
How cataract surgery changed my life. [Read More]
Ms. Lopez Ochoa, a self-described "chameleon" choreographer, is the winner of the 2019 award. [Read More]
Very few courts-martial appeals can make it to the Supreme Court. Congress should fix that. [Read More]
Mr. Karadzic was the president of the region that tried to break away from Bosnia, where violence carried out by the dominant Serbs forced out... [Read More]
Multichoice Group, the African television provider dominates the market, providing service to over 14 million households throughout Africa. The company just had... [Read More]
The US has been trying to force its allies to give up cooperation with the Chinese tech giant, which is building next generation networks, citing... [Read More]
The woman who reportedly assaulted a passenger was confronted by other people on the train but rejected the accusation she was a racist. [Read More]
Two parties of the Algerian ruling coalition... [Read More]
A technical extension of the Brexit deadline is possible if the UK House of Commons passes the withdrawal deal, the spokesman for the French government... [Read More]
Vicky Ward's "Kushner Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump" entered the light of day only on Tuesday, but... [Read More]
23andMe released a new test that tells you about your risk for Type 2 diabetes, based on your DNA. About 30 million people in the... [Read More]
The following slide deck was published by Atento S.A. in conjunction with their 2018 Q4 earnings call. [Read More]
I am expecting many changes to dividends paid by BDCs in 2019, including increases, decreases, and special/supplemental dividends. This article discusses TCPC a... [Read More]
The net difference between professional investors and gamblers seems to be that professional investors want numbers to support a story and gamblers want a story... [Read More]
Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel, took the podium at a March 18 meeting in Chicago Illinois to discuss the city's FinTech movement, mentioning points on cryptocurrency... [Read More]
Dividends, Yield, Income, Equity Income, Mr.Market, Chaikin, TechnicalAnalysis, Sentiment, MoneyFlow, Carts, PowerGauge. Interest rates remain near historically... [Read More]
Gold has rebounded since March 5 despite a mixed macro backdrop. Gold's spec positioning lightens for a third week in a row. ETF investors buy... [Read More]