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Police say a bicyclist was killed when he failed to stop for a red light at a busy downtown Minneapolis intersection and was struck by... [Read More]
An Algerian-born man twice convicted in France on terror charges and for years a high-profile figure in the underground world of terrorism has been expelled... [Read More]
Jealousies, both professional and romantic, allegedly propelled the young men into the violent showdown on a London street. [Read More]
Tiger Woods back at the British Open and liking his chances as the year of his recovery continues. [Read More]
Jamestown Sun Charges against men from Minnesota and Wisconsin were dismissed on June 28 after a June 23 ruling that the drugs seized during a... [Read More]
Police spokesman John Elder says the bicyclist, an adult male, was riding westbound on Franklin Avenue when he entered the intersection against a red light... [Read More]
Boeing raised its rolling 20-year industry forecast for passenger and cargo aircraft on Tuesday. [Read More]
Jamestown Sun A DUI checkpoint and saturation patrol in Dickey, Logan and McIntosh counties resulted in 23 citations, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.... [Read More]
Indiana police say cutting-edge genealogy and DNA techniques have helped solve an infamous, 30-year-old cold case. John D. Miller was arrested Sunday for the 1988... [Read More]
Jamestown Sun The South Central Dakota Regional Council and the city of Cooperstown conducted a preconstruction conference on July 12 to initiate a water and... [Read More]
When police showed up unannounced at John D. Miller's home, detectives say he already knew why: April Tinsley... [Read More]
Jamestown Sun Jamestown Parks and Recreation's Healthy Connections Program is holding a Ladder Ball Tournament at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 18, in McElroy Park. The... [Read More]
Jamestown Sun   ... [Read More]
Administration officials want President Trump to make clear he believes his own intelligence sources over Russian president Vladimir Putin after he appeared to accept Putin's... [Read More]
The White House goes into damage control after facing near universal criticism for President Trump's news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Also, a "lava... [Read More]
Members of Congress from both parties are sharply denouncing President Trump's unwillingness to defend U.S. intelligence agencies following his remarkable press conference with Russian President... [Read More]
President Trump will meet with lawmakers Tuesday, a day after he stood next to Vladimir Putin and appeared to question U.S. intelligence findings. Lawmakers and... [Read More]
The official group campaigning for Britain's exit from the European Union at the 2016 EU referendum has been fined and referred to the police for... [Read More]
The U.S. and Russia still inspect each other's nuclear arsenals and have sharply curtailed the number of weapons poised to launch. That's thanks to two... [Read More]
The president's whirlwind week undercut U.S. intelligence agencies, challenged alliances and forced Republicans to confront him. Former GOP Rep. Mike Rogers explains how political norms... [Read More]