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Today is "truly a black day" on the Emerald Ocean as the flags Black Flag and Black Dawn Brigade team up to contest the Widow Queen and her flag Black Veil for control... [Read More]
Notably absent from this weekend's blockade schedule is the entire Cerulean Ocean. Ain't nothing blockade-like going on there. Even Jade, featuring as it does a double defense against a Brigand King attack on... [Read More]
After biting your nails last month over whether you'd even find a Haunted Seas voyage that was hiring, let alone survive your three Ship Graveyard visits during that voyage, you'll be pleased to... [Read More]
So...Big news on the Meridian Ocean: The Cream Pie / Legacy of Leisure alliance is back in the blockade business. Quoth Paulisma,We know we were supposed to not be active for a while... [Read More]
Halloween is almost here! Only a few days remain before the tricks and treats of the season are past and the blood-red seas return to their accustomed color of blue.Getting ready for your... [Read More]
Dear Cerulean Ocean: Do you like puns? Majorjr of the flag The Stumbling Solo likes puns berry much. Majorjr also likes blockade jobbers and is offering a number of raffle prizes to loyal... [Read More]
As you may remember from last week's post, Legacy of Leisure and Cream Pie are retiring from Meridian's blockade scene. Tomorrow, Sunday the 19th, three of LoL's islands will be under attack by... [Read More]
This weekend's blockade schedule includes a great big flaming grudge-match between... Well. Usually when your Examiner reports a "grudge-match," she's exaggerating. It's just an amusing way to talk about multiple... ... [Read More]
October is upon us, and with it the season of ghouls and ghosts. Chief among those ghosts--at least for us puzzlin' pirates--is Barnabas the Pale, king of the flag Chthonic Horde and undisputed... [Read More]
Your Examiner is running a little bit late today, so at the time of this writing the two biggest blockade events are already underway. Those would be Otherworld's attack on Gretchen Goldfang, who... [Read More]
Keeping with our overall crafting puzzle theme for the month, let's talk about Alchemistry.Alchemistry is the art of mixing base ingredients to create magical potions. In terms of game dynamics, it's a pipe-construction... [Read More]
Avast, mateys! Did ye have fun talkin' like a pirate yesterday? Here in the landlubbin' township of Boulder, Colorado, a Whole Foods location celebrated with a screening of The Gooneys and a sharin'... [Read More]
Apologies for the lack of crafting puzzle content today. Your Examiner's funny bone has been tickled. Check this out.So, the Kraken sea monster hunt was recently released to production, and Wutai on the... [Read More]
There is only one (1) blockade schedule on the Cerulean Ocean this weekend, and it's over the Island of Eta. Quoth Calamarie of Dies Irae, "So Vova felt all left out of last... [Read More]
As you'll recall, this month's Seal o' Piracy focuses on the crafting puzzles: one session each of four different puzzles will earn you your trophy. But why stop at one puzzle session when... [Read More]
Howdy, Puzzle Pirates! It's another weekend full of blockade action. Most of it is on the Meridian Ocean today and tomorrow, with some multi-drops by flags Radioactive, Re-Arranged, and Next Contestant. (Apparently everyone... [Read More]
September means back to school shopping, and the world of YPP is no exception. Pirates across the oceans are picking up new threads, selling old baghlahs for new, and reequipping their sword racks... [Read More]
Once again, Puzzle Pirates Examiner brings you the weekend blockade schedule. Scroll down for a list of all the blockades on all the production oceans, conveniently presented all in one place and in... [Read More]
Haven't you always wanted to own a shipyard... on the Ice Ocean? Don't scoff. The Ice Ocean, playground for pre-release testing of brand new game features, may seem like a ghost town (ghost... [Read More]
The theme for this weekend's blockades is overwhelmingly Brigand Kings. Just look at what's scheduled for Meridian. (Go on. Scroll down. I'll wait.) Flag Cream Pie has taken on the mission of driving... [Read More]