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"Us who have advocated for the poorest of the poor find ourselves pretty much on the outside."        ... [Read More]
Lawmakers heard Tuesday from agencies that service some of Mississippi's most vulnerable residents.        ... [Read More]
Mississippi True, a hospital-backed health plan that lost a bid for a $2 billion Medicaid contract in 2017, would get work anyway under this proposal... [Read More]
Health care groups have some of the most powerful lobbyists and give some of the most donations        ... [Read More]
The pump project has been labeled a "Frankenstein monster." Sen. John McCain called it "worst project ever conceived by Congress." It might be back. [Read More]
"We are really struggling to continue providing TB services" [Read More]
Besides the massive Medicaid tech bill, lawmakers have other issues to tackle from reimbursement formulas to nurse practitioner rules to mental health.        ... [Read More]
"We are really struggling to continue providing TB services"        ... [Read More]
For brandon king of Cooperation Jackson's Freedom Farms, growing food is a form of activism. [Read More]
Low-income parents who have children on Medicaid must respond to annual letters requesting recertification, or else they'll be dropped.        ... [Read More]
The hospitals' Medicare payments will be cut by one percent.        ... [Read More]
Drew Snyder will take the reins at Medicaid during a particularly tumultuous time for the agency.        ... [Read More]
Mississippi Division of Medicaid Director David Dzielak has resigned, multiple sources confirmed Friday night. [Read More]
"I feel like Mississippi has thrown me to ... the street to figure this out on my own, and I don't want to die. But... [Read More]
Lawmakers are going to start asking how Department of Mental Health is spending state dollars. The answer is complicated        ... [Read More]
Region 8 is accused of receiving payment for services through its preschool day treatment program that it didn't provide... [Read More]
"I put in so many years on the job faithfully and once I got injured, they didn't have anything for me. To me, they didn't... [Read More]
"This is the condition of our publicly-owned rural hospitals and that's the warning I want to give to our policy leaders"        ... [Read More]
The "Medicaid technical amendments bill" could be the vehicle for significant changes, both for costs and quality of care        ... [Read More]
The report shows 4,670 physicians in the state each support an average of 11 jobs for a total of 51,305 jobs        ... [Read More]