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Legislative leaders on Thursday urged schools to consider training staff, security officers and volunteers to become school sentinels a day after a deadly school shooting... [Read More]
Lawmakers on Wednesday advanced a proposal aimed at tweaking a victim's rights constitutional amendment with voters' approval. [Read More]
National LGBT and sexual health organizations warned the policy could be harmful to all students if approved... [Read More]
S.D. panel on Wednesday tabled a proposal that would increase penalties for school officials that offer bribes to boost enrollment numbers and, in turn, education... [Read More]
Law enforcement officials would have authority to pull over South Dakota drivers who appear to be texting and driving under a proposal that passed the House... [Read More]
S.D. panel on Wednesday shelved a bill that would have prohibited cities and municipalities from becoming "sanctuary cities" for undocumented people. [Read More]
South Dakota lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a proposal to prohibit collective bargaining by public university professors. [Read More]
Higher revenue targets could free up funds for state employee raises, community support provider payments... [Read More]
A legislative committee on Monday voted down a proposal to require schools to write and make public their policies governing transgender bathroom use. [Read More]
South Dakota lawmakers on Monday defeated a proposal to create a uniform state policy allowing eligible homeschool students to participate in high school activities. [Read More]
Higher than expected revenues could put state employee raises, Medicaid provider payments in reach, budget writers said Monday. [Read More]
The Minnehaha County GOP began a set of forums parallel to legislative coffees Saturday. Opponents said they create an echo chamber effect. [Read More]
A pair of DACA recipients looked on Thursday as lawmakers tabled a proposal to bar undocumented students from enrolling in public colleges. [Read More]
South Dakota lawmakers advanced a set of proposals Wednesday aimed at blocking out-of-state influence over the process voters use to bring policy questions to the... [Read More]
Senate panels advanced two conflicting craft beer bills this week, setting up a debate about how much microbrewers should be allowed to make and whether... [Read More]
A House panel on Wednesday defeated a bill aimed at barring school administrators from suppressing publication of news reported by students journalists. [Read More]
Senate on Tuesday advanced proposal aimed at raising concerns about Planned Parenthood, adding authority for anti-abortion help centers. [Read More]
School administrators would be barred from suppressing publication of news reported by students journalists under a proposal set to be considered Wednesday in the Statehouse. [Read More]
The South Dakota Senate on Tuesday defeated a resolution aimed at calling on federal security administrations to identify the root cause of the global war... [Read More]
Doctors would only be able to prescribe seven days worth of opioid painkillers to children or patients taking the drugs for the first time under... [Read More]