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Supergirl Season 3 kicks off tonight with "Girl of Steel." If you can't get to a TV, here's how you can stream the episode online... [Read More]
Disney will finally make tickets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi available for fans to buy tonight, right after the trailer debuts during Monday Night... [Read More]
Disney will air the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer during Monday Night Football at halftime. Find out when the game starts and when... [Read More]
"Girl of Steel," the season three premiere of Supergirl, airs tonight. Find out when the show starts on The CW and what to expect in... [Read More]
Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory prequel series about Sheldon Cooper as a nine-year-old, is not on again tonight. Find out when the show finally... [Read More]
Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, the current target of President Donald Trump's anger, is married with two daughters. Here's a look at his family and children. [Read More]
A week after the Las Vegas concert shooting, a GoFundMe fundraiser set up by officials has raised over $10 million and the donations are still... [Read More]
President Trump asked Vice President Mike Pence to leave the Colts game early if any NFL player kneeled during the National Anthem, Trump tweeted. [Read More]
Al Michaels, who is once again be calling NBC Sunday Night Football games this season, has been married to Linda Anne Stamaton for over 50... [Read More]
Tonight is a special episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring Gal Gadot's first time hosting. Find out when the show starts and who her musical... [Read More]
John O'Korn is starting for Michigan tonight. Here's a look at his parents and his career at Michigan and Houston. [Read More]
The third episode of Marvel's Inhumans airs tonight. If you can't get to a TV, you can still watch a live stream online. Here's how. [Read More]
Comedian Ralphie May, who died on October 6 at age 45, was married to fellow comic Lahna Turner. They filed for divorce in 2015. [Read More]
Tropical Storm Nate will be hitting Mobile, Alabama this weekend. Here's a look at the latest hurricane warnings and forecast for the area. [Read More]