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The mechanics of a dinosaur's massive body can be hard to understand because scientists cannot watch them in motion, but birds are helping to solve... [Read More]
Scientists are using birds to figure out how dinosaurs like the T. rex may have walked and run. [Read More]
Young people are more likely to think about or attempt suicide when they have sexual contact that clashes with their orientation, according to a new... [Read More]
NASA's upcoming James Webb Space Telescope will look into the mysteries of Mars, including taking full shots of the planet to learn about its atmosphere,... [Read More]
Genetic evidence shows Caribbean people are keeping alive the DNA of the indigenous Taíno, an ancient group that thrived on the islands until Christopher Columbus... [Read More]
Some products containing the plant kratom, used as a stimulant and for certain medical purposes, have been contaminated with salmonella, the U.S. Centers for Disease... [Read More]
Young people getting mental health treatment on an inpatient basis might have more serious self-esteem issues. [Read More]
A young person's sense of self-worth can affect their treatment for mental health issues, which could be a problem for many patients, according to a... [Read More]
Rocket launches have given us immense displays of power for decades, going all the way back to the 1940s, when people fired off the first... [Read More]
Humans would rather come in contact with aliens than with artificial life made on Earth, a team of researchers has found. They also say that... [Read More]
We probably wouldn't freak out if scientists discovered extraterrestrial life. [Read More]
Women have another reason to make men pick up a larger share of housework, with a new study that says cleaning at home affects a... [Read More]
People who are concerned about an asteroid crashing into Earth and destroying our planet might be better off worrying about the Tesla Roadster Elon Musk... [Read More]
Scientists plotted the trajectory of the Tesla Roadster Elon Musk shot toward Mars on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, and its final destination may be back... [Read More]