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What if you could put yourself in someone else's shoes... [Read More]
Supporters of Chief Illiniwek are calling for people to "Paint the Hall Chief" this Thursday. [Read More]
Firefighters were able to put a building fire out yesterday, but it wasn't easy. [Read More]
Town leaders decided to eliminate bus services when they thought residents weren't using the services. [Read More]
On a day when the nation is focused on the Florida school massacre, there's development in a school shooting closer to home. [Read More]
For parents who work, finding the right person to take care of your kid can be hard. [Read More]
This January was out of the ordinary for one county nursing home in Central Illinois, and it's probably not the one you're thinking of. [Read More]
You won't be able to fill up on entertainment at one gas station in Central Illinois. [Read More]
The state is looking to make big changes to standardized testing. [Read More]
With flu season hitting its peak, parents are having a hard time determining if their kids have the flu or RSV. [Read More]
Trains are a nuisance for people here and first responders say it could cost valuable minutes which mean the difference between life and death. [Read More]
After a protest march this weekend, one group's fight isn't over. [Read More]
One group is begging lawmakers to protect hundreds of thousands of immigrants. [Read More]
A grocery store is still closed as they try to tackle a "severe rodent infestation." [Read More]
Many schools in the area are falling behind when it comes to PARCC testing. [Read More]
Dozens of jobs are moving from Decatur to Georgia. [Read More]
Investigators now know what started a deadly fire in early January. [Read More]
Some living in Rantoul say they're fed up, and believe not enough care about about violence in their town. [Read More]
The threats came in on social media. [Read More]
Preservationists have hit another obstacle trying to save a building. [Read More]