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James Woods supports Brendan Fraser against Philip Berk 'I too was blacklisted' - National News James Woods has thanked fellow actor Brendan Fraser for speaking... [Read More]
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Tourists leaving Las Vegas can now dispose of their leftover, legally-purchased marijuana at specially designated bins outside the McCarran International Airport, rather than hastily smoking... [Read More]
Florida lawmaker Mental health a pressing issue for schools - National News Parkland school shooting puts new focus on funding for mental health programs; Florida... [Read More]
Secret Service Vehicle hit barrier near White House - National News A woman who drove a car into a security barrier near the White House... [Read More]
Money-laundering watchdog Close North Korean banks - National News The watchdog that monitors global and illicit misuse of funds has cited North Korea as a... [Read More]
Black History Month Here is the real lesson to be learned - National News Black History Month, which takes place each February, reminds me and... [Read More]
Billy Graham and North Carolina The affection was mutual - National News While the Rev. Billy Graham's travels took him as far away as the... [Read More]
Trump Kelly will make decision on Jared Kushner's clearance - National News President Trump says his son-in-law has been treated very unfairly, says he's sure... [Read More]
Parkland, Florida shooting The red flags that were ignored - National News Take a look at some of the red flags surrounding Nikolas Cruz, the... [Read More]
Trump urges offensive capabilities to protect schools - National News President Trump says his administration with advocate stronger background checks, banning bump stocks and hardening... [Read More]
Florida Gov. Rick Scott unveiled a $500 million "action plan" to prevent gun violence Friday – more than a week after 17 students and faculty members were... [Read More]
Threats to the United States are evolving every day and the technology is getting significantly more advanced. A new missile in development that was recently... [Read More]
The Latest US companies split with NRA - National News The Latest on the reaction by U. S. [Read More]
Archaeologists in Israel say that they have found a clay seal mark that may bear the signature of the Biblical Prophet Isaiah. The 2,700-year-old stamped... [Read More]
Woods made sure to clarify that he did not experience any form of sexual misconduct from the former HFPA president. [Read More]
White House Gates indictment has nothing to do with Trump - National News Mercedes Schlapp, White House strategic communications director and assistant to the president,... [Read More]
Naval Academy drug ring under investigation LSD, cocaine allegedly bought on dark web - National News The Navy is investigating allegations of a drug ring... [Read More]