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A Chinese official dismissed criticism of a blackface skit aired on state television and said if there was outrage it as an attempt to create... [Read More]
China says there was no racism in a state-televised blackface skit. [Read More]
The Philippine government reported that more than 20,000 people have been killed since President Rodrigo Duterte was elected, and an opposition Senator accused the government... [Read More]
The Southern Poverty Law Center noted that the number of Neo-Nazi groups has sharply grown in the past year. [Read More]
National Rifle Association CEO and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said that schools should be hardened targets in response to a school shooting at a... [Read More]
Hate groups have seen at least a four percent increase over the last year, according to the watchdog non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The... [Read More]
After a terrorist attack in Nigeria, parents fear that a number of schoolgirls have been abducted. [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. praised poor people's smiles on a business trip in India Wednesday, in a country where at least 60 percent of people live... [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. said he appreciated poor people's smiles in a country with a bitingly poor populace. [Read More]
Japanese military spotted what appeared to be a sanctions violation by North Korea Tuesday night. A Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force plane and ship discovered a... [Read More]
North Korea has been accused of attempting to violate United Nations sanctions. [Read More]
A rise in electric vehicles could be a boon for mines that use child labor. [Read More]
After the Islamist extremist terrorist group Boko Haram attacked a village in Nigeria, more than 90 schoolgirls appear to be missing, according to Reuters. Other parents... [Read More]
Congolese mines that use child labor may be benefitting from a global rise in demand for cobalt, a metal used in batteries for electric vehicles.... [Read More]
An aide to Florida state Representative Shawn Harrison told Tampa Bay Times reporter Alex Leary that some of the kids from the Parkland, Florida, shooting speaking... [Read More]
Pre-sale for an oil-backed cryptocurrency began Tuesday in Venezuela as the financially strapped government attempts to curb an economic crisis. Venezuela hopes their cryptocurrency, called the... [Read More]
South Korea said that it will announce joint military drill plans with the U.S. after the Paralympics. [Read More]
The U.S. and South Korea will lay out their plans for joint military drills before April, according to South Korea's Ministry of National Defense, Tuesday.... [Read More]
At least five women were killed in a shooting outside of a church in Russia Sunday. ISIS has claimed credit for the attack. A lone... [Read More]
North Korean cheerleaders are trained very differently than other cheerleaders from around the world. [Read More]