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Squidgie could have been a musician but bullying changed his life. [Read More]
That's like passing a law saying it's okay to break laws if we are the law breakers. [Read More]
Mental illness is not limited to any one demographic group. I handled blacks, whites, Hispanics, females, males, old and young. [Read More]
We often fail to consider how and why the Second Amendment was embedded into our constitution in 1791. [Read More]
Brevard County cases were featured on Murder on the Space Coast. [Read More]
"The crazies are finally running the institutions." [Read More]
We need sharp minds in public service and age can sap spark, vitality... [Read More]
Being a cop is like being deployed to a war zone. It's a daily threat, a ubiquitous undercurrent. [Read More]
It's no wonder federal elections and states administering them are in such a quagmire about voter identification. [Read More]
Time for those who can to step up and delve into this travesty of justice... [Read More]
Marijuana usage has its pros and cons. The hidden dangers can come at a terrible cost. [Read More]
A man could die in prison for a crime he didn't commit: Why aren't we taking another look? [Read More]
Debunking propaganda and offering 'straight and honest information' part of organization's mission... [Read More]
Offenders showing no real danger of predatory behavior are treated the same as anyone committing any sex-related crime... [Read More]
In 1971, I arrested Richard Leichtman, age 31, for committing five rapes at gunpoint. [Read More]
In 1971, I arrested Richard Leichtman, age 31, for committing five rapes at gunpoint, one a week for five weeks, posing as a fund raiser... [Read More]
Poverty rate is higher than in 2009, and blacks are highest portion of aid recipients... [Read More]
Where's the accountability for malicious prosecution of police in Baltimore? [Read More]
Charismatic champ, moderate Muslim won respect across racial, social and religious lines... [Read More]
The champ engendered awe and respect across racial, social and religious lines. [Read More]