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Cancer research is at an "inflection point" where scientists must adapt to new ways of sharing data and putting patients at the center of care,... [Read More]
The public and politicians need to focus on solutions to limit and adapt to climate change, said atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe at the 2018 AA... [Read More]
News_0218_Urry_full.jpg... [Read More]
Modern slavery, or human trafficking, is multifaceted and requires a range of research-based methods to measure its reach and remove and rehabilitate... [Read More]
Science begins to unlock the secrets of older people with brains that age well as advances continue to add years to the average lifespan. [Read More]
To meet its ambitious goal of "curing, preventing or managing all diseases by the end of the century," the Chan Zuckerberg Science Initiative is craft... [Read More]
Families are greeted by the sound of laughter and whirring robots upon arrival to Family Science Days in Texas' Austin Convention Center. [Read More]
Researchers have uncovered two hidden layers beneath a Pablo Picasso painting from his Blue Period and traced the casting of several Picasso bronzes t... [Read More]
Blinking eye cells on a polymer chip – along with other "organs-on-chips" – offer a new way to examine the effects of drug treatments on... [Read More]
The search for evidence that life evolved somewhere beyond Earth, or has evolved on Earth has led to interesting research, but has yielded no signs... [Read More]
The International Space Station has become a hub for scientific discoveries that might never have happened on Earth, said Ellen Ochoa, NASA Johnson Sp... [Read More]