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AAAS and Mexico's scientific organization sign agreement to foster scientific collaborations and integrate scientific knowledge into policymaking. [Read More]
The AAAS Board of Directors adopted the "Statement on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility" on Oct. 12 to govern the organization, its members and gu... [Read More]
There always has been fake news, even before the term was coined, but it has become baked into the way many Americans now get their... [Read More]
The nation's leading scientific and engineering societies are raising new concerns about the impact of President Donald Trump's latest visa and immigr... [Read More]
News_1013_neutron-merger_full_169.jpg... [Read More]
A long-term monitoring mission by NASA yields valuable insights into the carbon cycle and how it may be altered by a changing climate. [Read More]
AAAS' Education and Human Resources department aims to provide opportunities for students at all levels. [Read More]
Five female scientists will receive grants of $60,000 each to further their postdoctoral research through L'Oréal USA's For Women in Science fellowshi... [Read More]
Researcher presents brain imagery evidence at AAAS event that meditation improves cognition. [Read More]
Three-quarters of a worldwide sample of honey are contaminated with at least one neonicotinoid pesticide, a new study concludes. [Read More]
AAAS has made a $10,000 donation to the AAAS Caribbean Division to help the Puerto Rican scientific enterprise rebuild in the wake Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
AAAS Fellow and a member awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing a type of microscopy that reveals life's smallest molecules at work. [Read More]
Three prominent journalists will discuss the challenges of accurately reporting and presenting the latest science news in a series of campus lectures. [Read More]
Three American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows were awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics. [Read More]
one of them a AAAS fellow - were awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. [Read More]
News_0928_HalcyonRobotReport_full.jpg... [Read More]
Havana symposium co-organized by AAAS leads to promising research partnerships... [Read More]
News_0928_zika_full_169.jpg... [Read More]
The Golden Goose Award honors federally funded, often odd-sounding scientific research that yields significant benefits. | AAAS/522 Productions... [Read More]
dr Rush Holt, prof. Mariusz Jaskólski, dr Alexander Wlodawer, prof. Maciej Żylicz.JPG... [Read More]
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