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He has taken no action that would interfere with any appearances as "witnesses" - either in court or on MSNBC , Washington Post, etc. [Read More]
The account info can save my Canadian address properly. [Read More]
This one won't take any postal code. I believed when I first registered with AARP for rewards for goods, I am able to register my... [Read More]
KMarie I just saw this forum. Did you find your Buddy/Driver yet? If still interested contact me and we can discuss things. I am originally... [Read More]
Was surprised to find a new series on a Saturday night, but "The Coroner" turned out to be shorter (1 hour) & lighter than... [Read More]
wrote: wrote: With the latest revelation that the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania has been covering up the pedophilia of 300 priests against over... [Read More]
my daughter, decided to take a vacation, which will help her have the opportunity to relax. Her neighbors daughter has been having a hard time... [Read More]
The actual methodology of the study is flawed. If the author had bothered to read it, perhaps they could understand the flaw. They make a... [Read More]
With the latest revelation that the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania has been covering up the pedophilia of 300 priests against over 1,000 children. [Read More]
I just came here from swagbucks goodbye. [Read More]
The White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, has cooperated extensively in the special counsel investigation, sharing detailed accounts about the... [Read More]
So will trump revoke even more security clearances as punishments to those individuals? [Read More]
You're most welcome! I was happy to see it on NPR because there are songs on the list that I'm not familiar with, and also,... [Read More]
60 ex-CIA members condemn Trump for revoking Brennan's security clearance "All of us believe it is critical to protect classified information... [Read More]
The Lifeline screening; does this include an osteoporosis exam ? Years ago, a co-worker said she'd had an osteoporosis exam by Lifeline which was... [Read More]
I may bring out the worst in a date. If not out, at least up. I had moved back to S.C. and had been what... [Read More]
Your message helped to give me clarity in a tough situation.thanks... [Read More]
I recently had an in-home visit from a medical doctor representing CenseoHealth, a visit for which Medicare paid 100%. The doctor conducted no more... [Read More]
Washington Post reported an interesting thing about the list of people Der Trumper has decided to strip of their security clearances. EVERY ONE on... [Read More]
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