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BY: Matt Palumbo t long last the IG report is out, and while it's found plenty of wrongdoing, the DOJ won't be holding anyone accountable... [Read More]
I have been a Weight Watcher member when I worked. It kept the cost low for the agency. I also participated in an online study... [Read More]
And the RW has been more than willing to look the other way. [Read More]
Please join our December 12, 2pm ET volunteer call for a timely advocacy update along with a look at how you can provide input on... [Read More]
I'd love to hear all your stories - Challenges always help you to grow!! That's why the games are so much fun!! [Read More]
European leaders are not envious about having a president that's a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, who surrounds himself with CONVICTED FELONS, while routinely... [Read More]
For the last two score and 14 years the GOPerLords have systematically redistributed the income and wealth of the middle class into the pockets of... [Read More]
Trump is no Abraham Lincoln. If Trump had embodied Abraham Lincoln, slavery would still be the law of the land and the order of the... [Read More]
No, I don't have a walking buddy. But then again, it would be kinda crowded on my treadmill with me and somebody else. It's barely... [Read More]
Trump is no Abraham Lincoln. That Republican voters think so should mortify the party. My former ideological home had principles once. Now it has... [Read More]
The GOP impeachment wall: Why Republicans won't walk p away from Trump Analysis: Politics and the media have changed since the time a group of... [Read More]
Until the GOOD TIMES stop rolling ........ [Read More]
Hi all, I was a bit confused by the mention of 9am in connection with instant wins. In most instant win games I've played, a... [Read More]
I just happened to read a website of a hydrogen fuel manufacturing company website. Many questions were going through my mind after reading it. How... [Read More]
hmm i am late... [Read More]
wrote: BY: Ryan Saavedra FBI officials have detained nearly a dozen Saudi nationals and are searching for several others after a member of the Saudi... [Read More]
Hello Trang, I'm very disappointed, it's an AARP Rewards issue. I'm trying the 800# on the email tomorrow. Keep me informed and I'll do the... [Read More]
It really surprised me all the bad reviews but for me that been working in the cleaning business and re-using this bottles they work perfectly... [Read More]
Mine and my daughters weight watchers magazines were ordered a month or two before the program changed. I am unable to access the exact date... [Read More]
Much wiser spending choice than wasting the money on a worthless wall. [Read More]