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The door is only closed to Islam in the minds of those whose quality of character is of measurably less quality than used toilet paper.... [Read More]
Trump Cheer Leader on Fox - Jeanine Pirro "She's not getting this anti-Israel sentiment doctrine from the Democrat Party," Pirro said about the... [Read More]
How cool is this? How many talents does he have? And such a great example of why we all need to be learning other languages....precisely... [Read More]
On January 27, at 4:42 p.m EST, 10 Days After Being Inaugurated - Trump signed Executive Order 13769 , [151] entitled " Protecting the Nation... [Read More]
Wouldn't you agree? And as you know, the door has always been "open" here since your very first topic where many bible posts were posted... [Read More]
Since some here have begun to open the door to posting Bible verses, I want to share these: John 3:16 and 17........For God so loved... [Read More]
Reiterating, medical underwriting is not required when changing DRUG plans (Part D). Only when changing Medigap plans in most areas. Limited... [Read More]
"Skeptical Democratic donors tell Joe Biden they will not raise funds for him at the start of the 2020 campaign Several top Democratic donors... [Read More]
Awesome. So nice to run into happy people comfortable with themselves. If you don't write professionally now, you really should. I always enjoys your... [Read More]
Oh it was definitely anti-immigrant... [Read More]
I will confess that I know very little about this issue, but, I wonder as to why the Brits really want to exit the rest... [Read More]
That link is broken... [Read More]
wrote: wrote: We learned MUCH from Mueller's report..... We learned the trump campaign welcomed Russia's help in getting elected; Link to PROOF of... [Read More]
Strangers in Paradise Last Friday, three strangers made my day as I took a bus to and from the gym. At the bus stop near... [Read More]
We learned MUCH from Mueller's report..... We learned the trump campaign welcomed Russia's help in getting elected; We learned the campaign... [Read More]
wrote: I think people are confusing the rationale for the electoral college with that for having 2 - count 'em, 2! - Senators for each... [Read More]
It was only recently that I became aware that some Brits felt foolish in light of the several failed votes in Parliament. I just ran... [Read More]
I Don't Know if Anyone tracks how much Money the News Media has already made off of the Mueller Investigation but it's dominated the On-air... [Read More]
o... [Read More]