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Power Of Gold == Dan Fogelberg... [Read More]
umbarch64 wrote: More is yet to come along this line mandm. I know you know IF the other AARP members and users listen, by... [Read More]
I Was Walking == Ringo Starr... [Read More]
PKyoungs I agree with you that AARP is misrepresenting the now 20-year-old Medicare reform proposals in Congress but it is doing it in many more... [Read More]
Based on Gail's research (I have no personal knowledge), this is apparently the fault of the physicians and not the insurance company. My physician's... [Read More]
Nctarheel--As he's led off in cuffs, his base will be saying,"He's just fulfilling his campaign promises! And we will say "He never... [Read More]
Greetings! Just got the letter last saturday after returning from having a risky surgery in the hospital, I need to learn about medicare, all the... [Read More]
There has been little likelihood of that happening in The United States in its entire history.... until now. Within 4 weeks, this pretender to the... [Read More]
I seem to have the same dilemma of missing the bonus bingo this week. One hard to find number is left in the I column... [Read More]
Thank you so much for the information! Just as there was no problem when "Agent Orange" Vietnam vets experienced health issues, and PTSD... [Read More]
BigLib wrote: mickstuder wrote: The News Outlets who attended to day should be Boycotted by everyone ABC - CBS - NBC - MSNBC - BBC... [Read More]
Thought this subject title would rouse some curiousity to read this opinion piece on how to improve end of life. STAT News 02/24/2017 - Five... [Read More]
This might also add a bit more info to your topic - just a different problem. Yes, we do have a very complicated health care... [Read More]
I know that at one point I heard something about using a little used statute to get him to release, but haven't heard anything since. [Read More]
Anybody know if Donnie's tax returns can be subpoenaed and if so, by whom? I understand he could have released his returns at any time,... [Read More]
I am still laughing at all of this. Don't they know that now, most of the media really is going to clamp down on anything... [Read More]
Hi Everyone, Well they were right, colder today, and will be this weekend too, with some rain, and maybe some flurries... HERE ARE YOUR FINAL... [Read More]
Eric Pusey has to bite his tongue when customers at his pharmacy cough up co-payments far higher than the cost of their low-cost generic drugs,... [Read More]
Enter the Great American Expedition Sweepstakes and you could win $10,000 worth of Travel, plus play daily for a $25 instant prize. We hope you... [Read More]
Army veteran Amie Muller believed deployments to Iraq caused the pancreatic cancer that killed her last Sunday. She worked and lived next to burn pits... [Read More]
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