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After Republicans fell short in their long-stated effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump this month followed through with a... [Read More]
As California health care officials brace themselves for changes to the Affordable Care Act by President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress, state lawmakers continue... [Read More]
One candidate wants full marijuana legalization and Medicare for all. The other offered more nuanced answers to these policy questions during a Democratic candidate forum... [Read More]
Iowa is abandoning its quest to shed major elements of the Affordable Care Act, after federal health officials failed to approve the plan in time... [Read More]
After months of protests, and several failed attempts to repeal and replace it, open enrollment is about to begin for the Affordable Care Act. [Read More]
Despite efforts by the Trump administration, the 2010 Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare is still law for now. [Read More]
Enrollment for getting insured via opens November 1 and ends mid-December, yet many don't know they can still enroll and apply for subsidies per... [Read More]
Iowa has withdrawn its request with the Trump administration to opt out of the Affordable Care Act and redirect federal money toward lowering premiums for... [Read More]
  [anvplayer video="WSAV:1501078"] The cost sharing reductions paid to help many afford the cost of medical insurance are part of the latest tug of war... [Read More]
The decision, after federal officials laid out tough conditions for its approval, signals limits to states' efforts to alter parts of the health law. [Read More]
As two dozen senators attempt to carve out a short-term compromise on the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump is sending mixed signals. At the... [Read More]
Iowa withdraws request pending with the Trump administration to opt out of the Affordable Care Act. [Read More]
Stalled efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have given rural hospitals a reprieve, health care experts say, but those institutions continue to... [Read More]
Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen announced on Monday that the state is withdrawing its "stopgap" proposal to revamp the Affordable Care Act marketplace in the... [Read More]
Most Americans shouldn't expect to see a rise in their insurance premiums through the Affordable Care Act, despite recent cuts to the program. Learn more... [Read More]
The national battle over the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid has big ramifications for Oregon's school nurses. [Read More]
Iowans who get their health care through the federal Affordable Care Act will have a shorter period beginning Nov. 1st to sign up. They... [Read More]
Maryland insurance regulators said Monday they were working to minimize the pain from last-minute rate increases for those buying plans sold under the Affordable Care... [Read More]
The Trump administration's move to dramatically slash advertising could translate to at least 1.1 million fewer people signing up this year, says the Obama... [Read More]
On Monday, 19 states are expected to tell a federal court that the Trump administration decision to cut off billions in subsidies to health insurance companies is... [Read More]