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When President Donald Trump pledged to "let Obamacare fail" last month after Republican efforts to restructure the health care law hit a dead end, he... [Read More]
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Tim Walz thinks the past months spent of divisive debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act was necessary to get to a point where members... [Read More]
Source: ThinkstockPrior to the passing of 2014's Affordable Care Act – commonly referred to as "Obamacare" – most insurance providers would issue policies based on... [Read More]
If Trump follows through with one of his pledges to interfere with the Affordable Care Act's workings, he would unnecessarily turn the individual health insurance... [Read More]
Sen. Susan CollinsSusan CollinsOPINION: Congress should censure Trump for his unfit conduct No. 2 Senate Republican backs McConnell in Trump fight The fight to protect... [Read More]
Demonstrators gather near a Trump building in Chicago to celebrate the defeat of President Trump's revision of the Affordable Care Act on March 24. Between... [Read More]
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The Senate's failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act has left House Republicans who voted for their own health care bill in an... [Read More]
When the president says we should let Obamacare fail, what he's talking about are the exchanges that provide health insurance for this nation's working poor.... [Read More]
The debate over repealing-and-replacing the Affordable Care Act has quieted but the 2018 insurance market is far from settled.        ... [Read More]
Intense debates on health care policy dominate the news. Opinions are sharply divided, and the future is deeply uncertain. Further reform is needed beyond the... [Read More]
Democrats are heading toward a new phase in the battle over healthcare as they brace for a tough midterm.   With the GOP ObamaCare repeal push... [Read More]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Sunday slammed President Trump's proposal to end key payments to insurance companies participating in ObamaCare, saying it would only "create... [Read More]
The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is more affably known as Obamacare, is arguably the hallmark legislation of former President Barack Obama. While. [Read More]
A fast-approaching deadline for insurers to commit to selling health plans next year under the Affordable Care Act is pressuring GOP lawmakers to decide whether... [Read More]
While a lot has been made about Republicans' failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — despite having the House, Senate and White... [Read More]
Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, president of the Connecticut State Medical Society, sees the effect of the Affordable Care Act on doctors and patients every day. ... [Read More]