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Andrew Garfield Promotes His New Movie 'Breathe' on BBC Radio 2! Andrew Garfield is in promo mode! The 34-year-old actor was spotted... [Read More]
As an actor playing Robin Cavendish, who lived for 36 years with polio, Garfield accomplishes a great deal despite limited mobility — conveying, with his... [Read More]
Another inspiring story about a brilliant man af­flicted by a terrible, debilitating illness being cared for by a devoted, utterly selfless and remarkably beautiful wife,... [Read More]
Andrew Garfield plays polio patient in topsy-turvy directorial debut from Andy Serkis... [Read More]
As an inspirational true-life drama of overcoming adversity, "Breathe" is predictably heartwarming, but as a romance, about two people sticking together in the face of... [Read More]
Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy star in the new romantic drama "Breathe" from director Andy Serkis making his full-feature directorial debut! ... [Read More]
Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy star in fact-based drama. [Read More]
The Broadway-bound London production of Angels in America has found its new American Joe Pitt. Lee Pace, best known for The Hobbit, Pushing Daisies, and... [Read More]
Provided photo Nathan Lane is Roy Cohn and Andrew Garfield is Prior Walter in the National Theatre production of "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia... [Read More]
Recalling the Stephen Hawking biography "The Theory of Everything," "Breathe" is about a man afflicted with polio who survived far longer than anyone could have... [Read More]
Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Chadwick Boseman, James Franco, Greta Gerwig, Gary Oldman Jordan Peele, Denzel Washington,  Ethan Hawke , Andy Serkis, Andrew Garfield,Margot Robbie, Allison... [Read More]
Bending the Arc: Documentary about the doctors and activists who 30 years ago worked to improve life in a rural Haitian village. ... [Read More]
"Breathe" is meant, no doubt, as a sincere homage to the late disability advocate Robin Cavendish, who died, after living with polio for 36 years,... [Read More]
In real life, it is possible to be truly happy without a boulder suddenly dropping from the sky to smash you and your happiness to... [Read More]
FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy spoke with Andrew Garfield, star of the new film, Breathe. [Read More]
For an actor who spends almost the entire movie lying flat on his back without moving anything except his lips and eyebrows, Garfield is remarkable. [Read More]
Andrew Garfield Backflips for Breast Cancer Research on 'Ellen' – Watch Here! Andrew Garfield puts his gymnastics skills to good use while appearing on an... [Read More]
'Breathe' co-stars Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy joke about their working relationship and being fans of one another's work. (Oct. 16)        ... [Read More]
Entertaining Entertainment News... [Read More]
The motion-capture maestro steps behind the camera to make his directorial debut with Andrew Garfield's 'Breathe.'        ... [Read More]