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Trump's recent shouting match with CNN's Jim Acosta illustrated the stark reality of being a reporter in the Trump era: war has been declared on the free press, and... [Read More]
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Donald Trump kicked off inauguration week with a closed-door meeting with Martin Luther King III while comments he made about NATO and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were scrutinized. CNN's Jim Acosta reports. [Read More]
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Holt, 57, launched a four-stop "Across America" tour this weekend in Sacramento, where he interviewed a panel of just plain folks of varying ages and political affiliations about what they expect after the... [Read More]
On Monday, CNN's Jim Acosta pressed Martin Luther King III over Donald Trump's criticism of Rep. John Lewis (R-GA), asking if the president-elect's attack "cut to his core" as the son of a... [Read More]
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