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We are learning more about how an unverified report of Russian blackmail attempts against President-elect Donald Trump reached U.S. officials. The Trump dossier was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, who has... [Read More]
In less than 2 days, Donald J Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. But, much like Sergeant Shaw in the Manchurian Candidate, has America's next commander in chief been... [Read More]
Article: We Cannot Wait for History to Judge. We Need the Truth About Trump and Russia Now. - Why did the FBI seem to favor pursuing Hillary Clinton's emails over tracking down whatever... [Read More]
REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed back against claims made in an unverified dossier that Russia worked with President-elect Donald Trump during the presidential election to undermine Hillary Clinton. "We are... [Read More]
Christopher Steele, a retired MI6 agent, is believed to be the author of the document... [Read More]
Russia hits out at Christopher Steele, who has been named as the author of the explosive dossier about the President-elect. [Read More]
Donald Trump has called the Christopher Steele dossier "fake news" and "phony stuff," but is it? Nick Dowling says the material may or may not be true, but we can't dismiss it lightly... [Read More]
The president-elect has called for Britain to open an investigation into ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele after it was revealed he was behind a dossier full of lurid claims about Donald Trump. [Read More]
Donald Trump has said that Britain has "a lot of problems" and should "investigate" the former British spy who made lurid allegations about the president-elect in a dossier. [Read More]
Donald Trump hits out at intelligence agencies over `leak´ of `fake news´ ... [Read More]
Speaking to CNN's Michael Smerconish, fomer CIA officer John Sipher who spent some of his time in service in Moscow during the 90's stated that the kinds of methods for compromising a target described... [Read More]
An unverified dossier provided to US intelligence officials alleges that President-elect Donald Trump "agreed to sideline" the issue of Russian intervention in Ukraine during his campaign after Russia promised to feed the emails... [Read More]
The U.S. Court of Appeals found there was plenty of evidence to convict Christopher Steele. [Read More]
Union President Christopher Steele lay a "crisis of morale" at the feet of San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood in a Tuesday news conference. [Read More]
Christopher Steele, also known by his gay porn persona Mike Dozer, pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old boy. Steele also pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment for having sex with the boy while HIV-positive.... [Read More]
The local fire union this week re-elected a controversial leader using a contentious method of counting votes — proving that right now, the only controversy that really matters is the city's protracted battle... [Read More]
Longtime LWVN member Rhanna Kidwell is the latest to announce she is a candidate for the Charter Review Commission.  When Rhanna informed me she had left the League's board, I guessed as much.... [Read More]