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When white supremacist Dylann Roof shot and killed nine African American parishioners in a Charleston church, communities quickly called for the removal of public commemorations... [Read More]
Black leaders in South Carolina are condemning gubernatorial candidate Catherine Templeton's remarks that she is "proud of the Confederacy.""I don't think she understands the diversity... [Read More]
many of those monuments and memorials became forever tainted two summers ago, after Dylann Roof opened fire at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina,... [Read More]
Drawing largely on last year's phenomenal "American Band," Drive-By Truckers played a two-hour and 15-minute set that put the band's thoughtful, potent take on their... [Read More]
Let's begin with a thought experiment. Imagine if one of America's largest and most-respected pro-life organizations tweeted birthday greetings to Robert Dear, the terrorist who... [Read More]