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FCCNN MINNEAPOLIS—The widow of slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers said young people in America are asking fundamental questions about equality and opportunity — and the conversation has been challenging. "They... [Read More]
Verne Manning opened the Avalon Hotel in 1944, making it just the 2nd hotel in Rochester at the time that allowed people of color to stay... [Read More]
As Americans celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., the transition from Barack Obama to Donald Trump is stark. [Read More]
George Whitehead, 49, listened with his 11-year-old daughter, Lucy Whitehead, to the keynote speech delivered by Adam Maxwell at the 2017 King Celebration National Holiday Kickoff program Monday.Whitehead said it was important for... [Read More]
KSBY News is the NBC affiliate for the San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria areas of central California. [Read More]
Helping the homeless was a big part of MLK Day of Service throughout the region. [Read More]
Alina Coryell held a sign with the words "Stick to Love" written in bold letters on Monday as she walked along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.With her two children, Micah and... [Read More]
While the more than 100 people who gathered at St. James Episcopal Church Monday didn't have to go into work or school, they didn't take the day off. Instead, they made it a... [Read More]
Civil Rights advocates honored the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with a march downtown on Monday - hoping to bring light to issues such as police reform, economic inequality and h... [Read More]
A partnership between the Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Community Foundation and Caltrain keeps a Bay Area tradition going under a new name. Sandra Osborne reports. (1-16-17) [Read More]
Members of the Detroit restaurant and food communities gathered to talk about appropriation and access ... [Read More]
Daphne Joachim of Farmington Hills poses for a photo with her sign. JUNFU HAN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER... [Read More]
Now in its 5th year, 50 bikes for 50 kids, celebrates kids who give back to the Natomas community. (Jan. 16, 2017) [Read More]
St. Joseph's School in Uptown Kingston hosted its 23rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Chess Tournament on Monday, drawing participants from numerous schools in the region. [Read More]
Numbering in the thousands, supporters of increased statewide education funding and student civil rights gathered Monday, Jan. 16, 2017, for a rally on the steps of the Legislative Building in Olympia. [Read More]
Residents in Pitt County came together on MLK Day Monday and marched and volunteered to remember the dream and reflect on what Dr. King would think about race relations today. [Read More]
Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Miami-Dade ended on a note of violence Monday afternoon after a shooting left at least eight people injured at a park that... [Read More]
The Martin Luther King Day holiday comes with the statement "a day on, not a day off". The holiday is also known as a day of service.  In Southern Colorado, a lot of... [Read More]
Monday was the 17th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Breakfast at Bristol Community College."We ask that your spirit will dwell with us as we remember and respect Dr. Martin Luther King,"... [Read More]