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Bonsoir mademoiselle et monsieur! Right deees way! Tonight's especial is a delectable duet of Nachos Bellgrande and XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito! Eeet is, how do... [Read More]
This week I reached out for a new -- wacky and weird -- Naked Chicken Chalupa from America's No. 1 Mexican-style drive-thru, Taco Bell, with... [Read More]
Now the Naked Crunchwrap will join Prince, Carrie Fisher, and Johnny Bravo on the long list of American treasures that were taken too soon. [Read More]
A month after Taco Bell unveiled its Naked Chicken Chalupa, we realized it was crunch time — make that crunch and munch time — so... [Read More]
Taco Bell may be ditching its Naked Chicken Chalupa, but it's got a few other items poised to take its place. [Read More]
"We had no intention of upsetting anyone with this ad" [Read More]
If you follow the world of stunt food, you most likely saw Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa, a taco-like creation where the shell is made... [Read More]
YouTube Taco Bell has edited one of its ads that some viewers claimed was "racist,"AgencySpy reports. The advertisement, in the style of a vintage... [Read More]
Have you ever felt that growling in your stomach that comes after you've eaten something less than appetizing? That same nauseating feeling hit... [Read More]
As the popular and short-lived Naked Chicken Chalupa exits Taco Bell menus next month, the Irvine-based chain has lined up a new batch of meals... [Read More]
Just a month after its launch, Taco Bell is taking its Naked Chicken Chalupa off the menu. [Read More]
Here's a roundup of restaurant and retail news from across Orange County. Take a look at the slideshow for more details on each. Taco... [Read More]
Taco Bell has chicken as a shell, and McDonald's has a bigger Big Mac. Our food writer reviews the latest fast-food concoctions. [Read More]
It's a taco made of chicken. Not a chicken taco. Now that we've made that clear, is it any good? The unironically named Naked Chicken... [Read More]
Speaking of sighs, or maybe thighs, Taco Bell soon will give up — for now — on its Naked Chicken Chalupa, a popular treat with... [Read More]
Taco Bell Is Getting Rid of Naked Chicken Chalupa from Its Menu ... [Read More]
A Taco Bell treat that has a shell made entirely of fried chicken will vanish from the fast food chain's menu despite its popularity.Taco Bell... [Read More]
A Taco Bell treat with a shell made entirely of fried chicken will vanish from the chain's menu despite its popularity. [Read More]
Spokesman Rob Poetsch said the Naked Chicken Chalupa was always planned as a limited-time offer and will be taken off the menu in March. ... [Read More]
A Taco Bell treat that has a shell made entirely of fried chicken will vanish from the fast-food chain's menu despite its popularity. Taco... [Read More]