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My grandmother was driven out of Nazi Germany; other family members were murdered in Auschwitz. when, this year, I applied for German citizenship, I never... [Read More]
Since the inevitability of American fascism is deeply rooted in both capitalism and white supremacy, any resistance against this fascist tide must be focused on... [Read More]
The Red Army could have defeated Nazi Germany without Allied help according to two thirds of Russians, who are adopting an increasingly positive view of... [Read More]
Stukas Over Spain: Dive Bomber Aircraft and Units of the Legion Condor by Rafael A. Permuy and Lucas Molina, Schiffer Publishing, Atglen, Pa., 2013, $34.99.... [Read More]
The 'science' is now associated with the horrors of Nazi Germany but was once popular throughout the world ... [Read More]
A leading Polish human rights official has come under fire for saying the "Polish nation" took part in the implementation of the Holocaust... [Read More]
A leading Polish human rights official has come under fire for saying the "Polish nation" took part in the implementation of the Holocaust — a... [Read More]
Dr. Ofer Cassif of Hebrew University faces heavy criticism after his students leaked a video recording from his political science class. [Read More]
The Third Reich left a lasting imprint on the world. The legacy of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party is almost impossibly vile and vast.... [Read More]
Highlights of this day in history: A key moment in the Watergate scandal; Adolf Hitler visits Paris after France falls to Nazi Germany; The... [Read More]
Today is June 22, the 76th anniversary of Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. It brings to mind a legend that... [Read More]
The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a unique collection of archival documents on its website detailing top Soviet military commanders' actions during in the... [Read More]
On June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany declared war on the USSR. The 1941-1945 clash between these countries, which is known as the Great Patriotic War... [Read More]
Hosts and pundits of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC traveled back in time to Nazi Germany days to make the case President Trump is much more... [Read More]
On this date: Joe Louis became the champ, the GI Bill of Rights became law, and France signed an armistice with Nazi Germany. [Read More]
Highlights of this day in history: France falls to Nazi Germany on what becomes a day of several key events during World War II;... [Read More]
Christopher Plummer has grown from matinee idol in "Sound of Music" into our great emperor of divided kingdoms. He's a German kaiser in "The Exception." [Read More]
The Transformers mythos now includes King Arthur, Nazi Germany, Pangaea, Stonehenge, Leonardo da Vinci, and Harriet Tubman. Really. [Read More]
Treasure Trove of Nazi Artifacts Found in Argentina ... [Read More]
Nineteen-year-old Harold Radish was a Jewish-American prisoner of war in Nazi Germany, living off burnt bread. Vermin were everywhere. He was one of the lucky... [Read More]