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Fox NewsWhite House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Sunday defended President Trump and a top aide's sharp criticism this weekend of news agencies, saying "there is an obsession by the media to... [Read More]
The US president has previously likened the CIA to Nazi Germany and accused intelligence officers of leaking an explosive dossier on him. [Read More]
At campaign rallies Donald Trump, a sexual predator, whipped up racism, sexism, intolerance, hate and xenophobia to a fervent pitch reminiscent of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Trump's propaganda wizards and rabid minions spread... [Read More]
MSNBC's Chris Matthews offered a harsh critique of President Trump's message of America first in his inaugural address Friday, describing it as being Hitlerian. When he said today 'America first' it was not... [Read More]
In 1940, Imogene Fish and her family fled Germany for the United States. Twelve years after their arrival, Team USA chose Imogene Fish to represent the country at the '52 Olympics in Norway. [Read More]
ABC journalist Terry Moran on Friday offered a sneering, dark take on Donald Trump's inaugural address, trashing its "ugly echoes" to the rise of Nazi Germany. Regarding the President's assertion that, "From this... [Read More]
In the early morning hours of the first day of 1945, Allied pilots in northwest Europe might have expected to see pink elephants before they saw Nazi aircraft. Since the Normandy invasion, Royal... [Read More]
If you're an American shopper in Moscow who simply must have that leather bomber jacket with an airbrushed image of U.S. and Soviet troops converging on Nazi Germany, Friday's your lucky day. [Read More]
" Actually working?" " Military and police are missing." " Military and police are missing? Is this nazi Germany? Obama wa... [Read More]
Handsome, brave and talented, Richard Seaman was among the brightest stars of inter-war grand prix racing, but today he is largely forgotten in Britain. That is in no small part down to his... [Read More]
"Is it possible that you're waiting on someone else to do something first?"That line from Jim DeVita's play, "The Rose of Treason," resonated with Will Van Deventer, who plays Hans Scholl in the... [Read More]
Quicklink: Trump will Make America Great Again by Aaron Rupar - Quicklink: "Being a great president has to do with a lot of things, but one of them is being a... [Read More]
'Nothing short of Nazi Germany'... [Read More]
The museum at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp in Poland on Wednesday urged Germans and Austrians to hand over any material that could shed light on its wartime staff. Museum director Piotr... [Read More]
I recently received an email from Felix de Taillez, a German scholar of European history. My connection with Felix de Taillez started when he contacte... [Read More]
Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Pictures, wrote hundreds of affidavits to help refugees escape Europe... [Read More]
They used dirty tricks, planted fake and misleading stories, set up a fake polling organization and funded the opponents of politicians they disliked. The goal was to change US public opinion and manipulate... [Read More]
"But Senator, when Donald Trump twice compares the US intelligence community and the CIA as behaving as if they were in Nazi Germany," Blitzer noted. "Doesn't the CIA director have the right to... [Read More]
Although AT&T and Time Warner have signaled they expect to bypass the FCC review of their proposed $108.7 billion merger, a review that would be triggered by the exchange of FCC licenses like... [Read More]
Outgoing CIA Director John Brennan on Monday insisted that neither he nor other U.S. officials were behind the leak of an unsubstantiated dossier alleging that Donald Trump's campaign had links to the Kremlin... [Read More]