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North Korea could ask Russia to help organize a one-on-one meeting between its leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump, Washington-based Radio Free Asia... [Read More]
When the Chinese president visits Trump, the politicians should make an announcement on North Korea. But they may not. [Read More]
Let's say you're North Korea and you have this nuclear device you really want to test. And let's say you'd rather some of the more... [Read More]
North Korea is not happy about recent comments from U.S. senators regarding Kim Jong Un. [Read More]
Coal briquettes are North Korea's top export, accounting for 34 percent to 40 percent in recent years. [Read More]
'Little short of a declaration of war'... [Read More]
South Korea's defense minister warned troops to prepare for retaliatory action against North Korea if Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un attacks first. [Read More]
South Korea will not hesitate to respond to North Korean provocations with "on-the-spot" and "decisive" military action, South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo told troops Wednesday... [Read More]
The value of China's coal imports from North Korea surged nearly 40 percent in February, official data shows -- the same month Beijing vowed to... [Read More]
Japan's ruling party has called on the government to enhance strike capability amid potential attack by North Korea. [Read More]
Sen. Orrin HatchOrrin HatchHatch: I may retire if Romney runs to replace me Can Trump rebound after failure on healthcare bill? Overnight Finance: US preps... [Read More]
South Korea's election will have far-reaching implications for the Korean Peninsula — and for Trump's North Korea policy. [Read More]
The heist of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank's account at the New York Federal Reserve last year was "state-sponsored," an FBI officer in... [Read More]
N.Korea says it's not afraid of United States threat of military strike ... [Read More]
They could deliver a 30 kiloton weapon by land, sea or air, and they could shut the country down with an EMP attack. [Read More]
A Liberal Democratic Party panel on Wednesday decided to push the Japanese government to "immediately" consider developing the ability to strike enemy bases while enhancing... [Read More]
The first regular flight between the Chinese city of Dandong, located near the border with North Korea, and Pyongyang started operating in spite of existing... [Read More]
CHINESE troops are preparing for combat on North Korea's doorstep, it's been revealed. [Read More]
The streets of Holyoke will be lined with spectators Wednesday, as a Korean War veteran's remains return home. Corporal Jules Hauterman was just 19-years-old when... [Read More]
Sen John McCain has been accused of 'hurting the dignity' of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, calling it the 'manifestation of their worst hostility... [Read More]