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Cross posted from Blue Virginia Great explanation of "Baghdad Sean" Spicer's bizarre, North Korea-style statement yesterday (bolding added by me for emphasis). If you are puzzled by... [Read More]
"That was a personal commission," says renowned North Korean sculptor Ro Ik Hwa, pointing to a bust of A.Q. Khan, the Pakistani scientist denounced by the... [Read More]
Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party, on Sunday reported on Donald Trump officially becoming the president of the United States .... [Read More]
US Navy kicks off joint missile-defense drills with South Korea and Japan in response to North Korea's threat. [Read More]
In the next four years, North Korea may join China and Russia as the only countries with the ability to reach the US's West Coast with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. "Over the past... [Read More]
The Marines are moving to four major forward areas of operation over the next decade — Japan, Guam, Hawaii and Australia — as part of a "distributed laydown" that seeks to deter growing... [Read More]
Tim Clauson moved to Seoul and loves life in a city that's buzzing 24/7. [Read More]
The three-day exercise began Friday, amid fears that North Korea may test-fire an intercontinental ballistic missile. [Read More]
In his first 100 days in office, Donald Trump faces major international tests with China, North Korea and on trade. [Read More]
NORTH Korea dictator Kim Jong-un has vowed to turn North Korea into a "space power" - a terrifying new threat to the hermit kingdom's Western enemies. [Read More]
South Korea's military says there are no signs of provocations from North Korea. [Read More]
Trump Hypes Missile Defense Systems Targeting Iran, North Korea | Offers no details on whether these are even new systems... [Read More]
Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF: The new president is already weighing in on some policy matters. Within minutes of the swearing-in today, the White House Web site carried new statements. One... [Read More]
Now that Donald Trump is officially the president of the United States, he is in complete control of America's nuclear arsenal. Should he decide to start a nuclear war, there are no legal... [Read More]
A declassified CIA document from the early 1990s reveals that the US intelligence community knew that economic sanctions against Pyongyang would not cause the country to back off its nuclear expansion program. [Read More]
The White House announced the plans minutes after the billionaire was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States... [Read More]
President Donald Trump wasted no time launching the most radical agenda of any president in living memory, vowing to build a nuclear missile defence system to counter attacks from North Korea and Iran,... [Read More]
United States President Donald Trump sounds awfully certain about one thing. After North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared on New Year's Day that his country was on the verge of testing an... [Read More]
'Protect against missile-based attacks'... [Read More]
Article... [Read More]