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Phoebe Hopps has her laptop open late on a Friday morning in February at Bubba's, a downtown bar and restaurant that screams Up North hip,... [Read More]
Re: Letter, Feb. 14, "Planned Parenthood" Please spare the sentimentality and give it some reasoned thought. Many of the "innocent babies in their... [Read More]
This guest column is by Joan Foor White, a retired registered nurse who volunteers as an escort for Planned Parenthood. [Read More]
Yoselyn Paulino doesn't need an abortion, but she still wants to learn about available resources in Gainesville. [Read More]
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Landfill woes... [Read More]
Between 200 and 300 people rallied in front of the Anchorage offices of Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan Monday afternoon. [Read More]
HELENA – A bill banning late-term abortions in Montana violates the Constitution and past court rulings upholding access to abortion, its opponents told a Senate committee... [Read More]
Michigan legislators have started the process to de-fund Planned Parenthood since two identical bills were introduced in the House and Senate and Senate last week.... [Read More]
To the Editor: Since the 1970's, The Hyde Amendment has prohibited any federal funds (aka Medicaid, essentially) from paying for abortion services. The only... [Read More]
Normally, President's Day isn't sitting all that high up on the hierarchy of holidays. It's just kinda there. But this week, President's Day is a... [Read More]
Emblematic's Eren Aksu believes that the future of journalism won't just be talking about what happened—but living through it. At... [Read More]
The Planned Parenthood Association of Utah is trying to comply with the law passed last May but it contained no specific guidance on how to... [Read More]
Michigan legislators in the House and Senate are trying to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Identical bills introduced last week, one in the House and another in... [Read More]
I had been aware of these progressions since my college years, but their place in history always seemed so settled. After centuries of struggle, women... [Read More]
Local Planned Parenthood leaders embattled by the current political environment in Washington, D.C., appealed to community leaders for continued support Friday morning. Threatened with defunding... [Read More]
A local grassroots group has formed to air their concerns about the environment, women's issues such as funding for Planned Parenthood and President Trump's executive... [Read More]
Sorry for the delay:) On February 11, I attended the Colorado Stands with Planned Parenthood Rally in Denver, Colorado.  Approximately 1000 + Planned Parenthood supporters... [Read More]
A federal judge has temporarily blocked Texas' attempt to boot Planned Parenthood from the state's Medicaid program over videos secretly recorded by anti-abortion activists in... [Read More]