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by Megan Burbank ... [Read More]
A former Planned Parenthood official has joined the Tennessee Democratic Party as its executive director. According to news release from the party, new executive director... [Read More]
Suzanna de Baca, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, speaks to legislators and community members during a public hearing on... [Read More]
A lawsuit against Planned Parenthood alleges the abortion industry giant, which takes hundreds of millions of dollars a year from taxpayers, concealed the identity of an... [Read More]
Planned Parenthood officials are reiterating their opposition to Gov. Pete Ricketts' proposed budget because of a controversial provision that would prevent health clinics that offer... [Read More]
The Wednesday article "Court blocks Ohio's Down syndrome abortion ban" served as a ghastly reminder of how Roe v. Wade and the abortion lobby... [Read More]
Planned Parenthood, Move On and the Women's March all playing a role in the March for our Lives; Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski examines... [Read More]
Speaker Paul Ryan is set to pass the largest spending bill in US history next to Barack Obama's trillion dollar failed stimulus. President Trump spoke... [Read More]
Police released photos of a suspect who allegedly pulled up political yard signs, and pulled a gun on a neighbor who confronted him. Around 2:30... [Read More]
He has recused himself in the past. [Read More]
Baby in the womb. (YouTube)Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States, wants to protect life by working with gun-control groups that are... [Read More]
The latest round of anti-abortion legislation that Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed into state law recently set me wondering.Why would the Legislature pass SB 110 that... [Read More]
Australia will keep funding planned parenthood agencies overseas despite Nationals backbencher George Christensen saying it is "disgraceful". [Read More]
An informed woman is an empowered woman. Right, Planned Parenthood? [Read More]
Now that the baby-murdering organization known as Planned Parenthood has been outed for running an illegal, underground body parts butcher mill, the pro-abortion death cult... [Read More]
Wendy Davis appears to be leaving the door open to becoming the next president of Planned Parenthood. [Read More]
If the Legislature is serious about reducing the number of abortions, it should restore funding for Planned Parenthood.        ... [Read More]
What if I pictured any of the government unions as gangsters buying favor for higher pensions? Or Planned Parenthood who gives millions to politicians, as... [Read More]
Authorities say they believe the car belongs to the janitorial staff at the center. [Read More]