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Talks on Syrian ceasefire could be resumed soon after formed mechanism at Astana meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday. [Read More]
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are expected to focus on Syrian reconciliation efforts next month, a senior adviser... [Read More]
Talks on consolidating the Syrian ceasefire held in Kazakhstan this year have helped jumpstart the United Nations-led peace negotiations in Geneva, Russian President Vladimir Putin... [Read More]
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on Boston Common yesterday to call for an independent probe of suspected links between President Trump's administration and Russia. Protesters chanted,... [Read More]
Thousands marched in Moscow on Sunday, February 26, to commemorate murdered former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov.Nemtsov, a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin,... [Read More]
Thousands of Russians are marching in the streets of Moscow to mark two years since opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down outside the Kremlin.... [Read More]
Spokane's congresswoman believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is using his propaganda machine to influence U.S. values and may have affected the 2016 election. [Read More]
Issa emphasized that "there may or may not be fault" with Trump's associates but said Russian President Vladimir Putin's brutality toward political enemies highlighted the... [Read More]
Russian President Vladimir Putin will be the focus of a forum scheduled for Monday. [Read More]
U .President Donald Trump said he would settle for a widely-discouraged one-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but also could support the long-favored two-state solution... [Read More]
A new WSJ/NBC News poll released Friday shows a growing concern among Americans, and core-Trump supporters, over President Donald Trump's connections with Russian President Vladimir... [Read More]
An apparent prankster handed out Russian flags with the word "Trump" emblazoned on them prior to President Donald Trump's speech Friday to a meeting of... [Read More]
Adam Berry/Getty Images For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the 2011 American military intervention in Libya was a turning point in his attitude toward the United... [Read More]
The cover of New Yorker magazine's first March issue features a drawing of Russian President Vladimir Putin examining a butterfly with the face of US... [Read More]
While very few people talk about the serious threat unfolding right now in Eastern Ukraine while the two world super powers position for influence. We... [Read More]
The magazine's usual patrician mascot has strangely transformed into Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley, a caricature of Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Read More]
While Republicans continue to duck calls to investigate President Donald Trump's ties to Russia, the New Yorker is putting the issue front and center of... [Read More]
Germany's Social Democrats nudged past Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc for the first time in more than a decade according to a poll released Friday,... [Read More]
President Trump's first month in the White House has been a chaotic mess. Between National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's ouster to the ill-advised and ineptly... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Thursday that he wanted to build up the U.S. nuclear arsenal to ensure it is at the "top of the pack,"... [Read More]