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Zhang Zhijun, head of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, on Thursday warned against a more complicated and serious situation across the Taiwan Strait this... [Read More]
Peaceful development of cross-Strait relations is the fundamental guarantee of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, while... [Read More]
India is playing with fire by challenging China over Taiwan: Chinese media ... [Read More]
Arcata resident and U.S. Navy veteran John Grobey, 85, was part of an underwater demolition team that was the precursor to the modern Navy SEALs.He... [Read More]
Video footage has caught the dramatic moment 11 fishermen in China are rescued by helicopter. The rescue took place on February 6 in the Taiwan... [Read More]
Families cross Taiwan Strait ahead of Spring Festival. [Read More]
Senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official Yu Zhengsheng on Friday said that the Chinese mainland will work to safeguard peace and stability across the... [Read More]
FOR Admiral Wu Shengli, the commander of China's navy since 2006, it must have been a sweet swansong to mark his imminent retirement. In November... [Read More]
China's lone aircraft carrier, the retrofitted Liaoning, has spent the past several weeks cruising around the South China Sea. It recently passed through the Taiwan... [Read More]
Taiwan today sent the clearest message to China that it is taking deteriorating diplomatic relations with its estranged mainland cousin seriously, when the... [Read More]
Outlook uncertain after Taipei scrambles jets in Taiwan Strait over carrier ... [Read More]
Trump told one China is basis for ties ... [Read More]
(Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images) China is getting serious about taming Taiwan's independence ambitions. After sending the Liaoning aircraft carrier to the Taiwan Strait,... [Read More]
China's sole aircraft carrier has returned home following a three-week cruise during which its combat capabilities were closely scrutinized. The training cruise that began... [Read More]
The world's most dangerous flashpoint got much more dangerous on Thursday when China sent its lone aircraft carrier into the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan scrambled... [Read More]
China is posturing, and what the Trump administration will do about it is unclear. [Read More]
The flat top, Liaoning, passed through the Taiwan Strait, alarming the island's military. [Read More]
China says aircraft carrier Liaoning has left Taiwan Strait ... [Read More]
China and Taiwan have reported that China's Liaoning aircraft carrier sailed out of the Taiwan Strait. Its passage through the waters dividing the mainland from... [Read More]
China says its sole aircraft carrier has sailed out of the Taiwan Strait on its way back from a South China Sea exercise. [Read More]