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A former Trump Organization senior VP won a $1.5 million settlement from a "doctor to the stars" — and claimed during the proceedings that Donald Trump treated sick execs like "spoiled goods" and... [Read More]
The Trump Organization announced that it would expand one of Donald Trump's Scotland golf courses, according to The Guardian. [Read More]
The Trump Organization's partners around the world have been seen as potential conflicts of interest ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for US…... [Read More]
Despite a promise that the Trump Organization would make "no new foreign deals" during President-elect Donald Trump's time in the White House, a Trump-owned Scottish golf course is currently making plans for a... [Read More]
One of the many overseas …... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump's plan to hand over control of the Trump organization to his sons while he is in the White House leaves a number of outstanding questions about how he'll avoid conflicts... [Read More]
GOP Congressman Threatens To Subpoena Ethics Watchdog Critical Of Trump ... [Read More]
A multimillion-dollar expansion of Donald Trump's Scottish golf resort is proceeding despite a promise just days ago by his attorneys that "no new foreign deals will be made whatsoever" by the president-elect's businesses,... [Read More]
The leader of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Sunday refused to bend to Democratic calls for investigation into President-elect Trump's possible conflicts of interest. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said he won't... [Read More]
President-elect Trump's announcement Wednesday outlining how he is transferring control of his company to his sons caused ethics experts to raise concerns, but not solutions, about how a successful business person places their... [Read More]
U.S. ethics chief wary of Trump's conflicts of interests ... [Read More]
Schumer Rebukes Chaffetz for Threatening to Probe Ethics Watchdog ... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump says that he, as president, could run the Trump organization. But, Trump says, "I don't like the way that looks," so he will have his two sons, Don and Eric... [Read More]
It's a public relations win for the president-elect: Donald Trump's company says it will donate profits from any foreign governments that use his hotels. In practice, however, the public may never know if... [Read More]
In November, Mike Pence promised a "proper separation" between the presidency and the Trump Organization – does Pence's vow hold up? [Read More]
Donald Trump's plan to shift management of his businesses to his sons doesn't go nearly far enough to address conflict-of-interest concerns, former presidential ethics lawyers say. At his press conference on Wednesday, Trump... [Read More]
The government's top ethics official calls President-elect Donald Trump's plan to avoid conflicts of interest "wholly inadequate" and "meaningless." Mr. Trump says he and his daughter Ivanka will step down from their roles... [Read More]
Broadcast networks slammed Trump's plan to prevent his businesses from being conflicts of interest during his presidency, and provided scant balance to defend him. During his first press conference on Jan. 11, President-elect... [Read More]
With the exception of the lawyers he hired to help him construct it, it's difficult to find any government ethics experts who believe President-elect Donald Trump's plan to distance himself from the management... [Read More]
As President-elect Donald Trump announced his plans for the Trump Organization once he takes office, a lawyer for him said a new corporate position will ensure the company acts ethically while Mr. Trump... [Read More]