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EMMA THOMPSON once turned down an offer from Donald Trump to stay in Trump Tower and have dinner with him. [Read More]
We need the protectors of our Constitution to appear and stop the madness of Donald J. Trump. When he stupidly tweeted about Obama's wire tapping... [Read More]
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Nunes serves as the chairman of the House intelligence committee, and caught criticism from many corners Wednesday for appearing to favor President Trump — whose... [Read More]
'It should be really scary...'... [Read More]
But I'd argue he is wrong that it would have been legal. [Read More]
Hosted by Roy Wood Jr. and Hasan Minhaj, this loony sketch features several of the maddest Trump tweets emanating from the powder room atop Trump... [Read More]
Supporters of the Affordable Care Act rallied on Capitol Hill Wednesday ahead of today's vote. Among the speakers were California Governor Jerry Brown and Rev.... [Read More]
What was the tipping point for The Wall Street Journal's conservative editorial page in terms of dealing with President Donald Trump's increasingly sketchy behavior? We... [Read More]
"There appears to have been for sure illegal ..." [Read More]
President Trump touted statements from the House Intelligence Committee chairman that there was "incidental coas evidence to support his contention that President Obama had Trump... [Read More]
Malware on Trump tower computers planted to give appearance of a Russian connection. [Read More]
As President Donald Trump continues to attack the press and cling to baseless wiretapping accusations, a new poll released this week reveals the American public... [Read More]
It's costing taxpayers $26.8 million to protect Trump's family at Trump Tower and on business deals globally... [Read More]
Time Magazine reporter Michael Scherer had a big interview with President Donald Trump this week in which the president doubled down on making false claims,... [Read More]
The bureau monitored a Russian crime ring in the building from 2011 to 2013. [Read More]
President Trump on Wednesday refused to walk back multiple claims that even some in his own party say can't be supported by evidence, including that... [Read More]
The FBI has said it did wiretap Trump Tower, though its target was not the building's owner. From 2011 to 2013, two years before Trump... [Read More]