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It's been over 100 days since the Women's March on Montana. We call on marchers to remember why you marched and the energy you felt... [Read More]
The Fayette County Women's March team is co-sponsoring a feminine hygiene product drive with the Fayette County Health Department, Planned Parenthood, and The UPS Store... [Read More]
For Mother's Day, Amber Tamblyn wrote an emotional poem for her daughter about the day she welcomed her via C-section. Tamblyn announced she gave... [Read More]
"Quiet" became the unofficial theme song of the anti-Trump women's march — and jump-started its creator's career. [Read More]
The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Stars Have Once Again Assembled ... [Read More]
The Joel McHale-hosted awards show, where speeches must be limited to five words, also honored Gillian Anderson and the host of the 'Missing Richard Simmons'... [Read More]
'They can't order me to stop dreaming.'... [Read More]
She wants to build on the momentum of the Women's March. [Read More]
Hear the speeches and walk alongside the demonstrators at the Women's March on Washington. Many people attended the hundreds of "sister marches" that occurred around... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton launched her new political venture Monday named "Onward Together," a political action committee (PAC) that would be aimed at funding "resistance" groups that oppose President... [Read More]
Northwestern University and Evanston's Only Daily News Source Since 1881... [Read More]
Nearly 200,000 supporters packed the Boston Common in January for the Women's March. Three months later, and 100 days into the new Trump presidency, WBZ-TV... [Read More]
Alumni Weekend 2017 was all about high-mindedness and hilarity, activism and active wear, slowing it down and racing to the finish line, surrendering to nostalgia... [Read More]
It was Friday. It was dinner time. James Beard-nominated chef Angela Dimayuga was in the kitchen of her restaurant, Mission Chinese in New York City.... [Read More]
"If you are choosing to be divisive in the progressive movement, what you are doing is you are throwing the immigrants under the bus, black... [Read More]
A group of alumnae have started an initiative to wear an orange-and-black version of the PussyHats worn at the Women's March on Washington. [Read More]
No doubt you've heard about the Women's March and the March for Science. Let me tell you why more than 1,000 doctors marched on Washington... [Read More]
In this web extra clip from "Bay Area Revelations: Women Game Changers," Isabel Allende reflects on the importance and potential impact of the women's march... [Read More]
There were women in trees, women on tiptoe atop ledges, all trying to peer over the hundreds of thousands of heads in pink hats filling... [Read More]