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A Waterloo zoning board is set to hear a long-running dispute over a proposed industrial wind farm in Black Hawk County. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier... [Read More]
A trial has been scheduled for an Iowa youth basketball coach who's accused of secretly recording some of his players undressing. Federal court records say... [Read More]
The Dubuque Courtside Cuties give new meaning to the term "granny shot." Despite the fact that many of them are more than 60 years... [Read More]
Every single home matters in a community of 120 people. Each house serves as a crucial piece of the local tax base, keeping the... [Read More]
The University of Iowa plans to halt more than 100 campus construction projects in response to budget cuts approved by state lawmakers. The Iowa City... [Read More]
The Iowa Supreme Court has dismissed the state's efforts to confine two men convicted for sex abuse crimes indefinitely under the state's law allowing civil... [Read More]