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Children who grow up in Sioux Falls' northern neighborhoods live with crime and poverty, miles away from the nearest high school, and generally face a... [Read More]
A woman tried to kill her baby and herself by crashing her car into a ditch off an interstate in Sioux Falls, because she believed... [Read More]
A South Dakota State Penitentiary chemical dependency counselor has been arrested for allegedly attempting to provide an inmate with a gun. Attorney General Marty... [Read More]
Sioux Falls drivers could be banned from using cellphones and other electronic devices under a proposed ordinance. [Read More]
A judge in South Dakota has denied a motion to dismiss a drug charge against rapper Chief Keef. The rapper, whose legal name is Keith... [Read More]
Police say a woman is charged with attempted first-degree murder and felony child abuse in connection with a traffic incident on Interstate 229 in Sioux... [Read More]
In a story Oct. 15 about the denial of a funeral furlough, The Associated Press reported erroneously that both the victim and defendant were high... [Read More]
South Dakota farmers continue making progress on the late-season harvest, despite a week with just two days considered suitable for fieldwork. [Read More]
Sioux Falls police are investigating a weekend robbery at a local eatery. [Read More]
TCF Bank is closing its operations center in Sioux Falls, impacting 145 workers. [Read More]
A judge has denied a furlough for a Sioux Falls man charged with manslaughter so he could attend his sister's funeral. An attorney for... [Read More]
One of the things Jody Little loved best was riding his motorcycle, so it was no surprise when he told his wife that's what he... [Read More]
Here is the South Dakota media volleyball poll. Teams are listed with first place votes in parenthesis, record, points and previous ranking. [Read More]
A Hindu temple opening this weekend near Sioux Falls will be the first of its kind in the Dakotas, according to its founders. The Hindu... [Read More]
A Hindu temple opening this weekend near Sioux Falls will be the first of its kind in the Dakotas, according to its founders. [Read More]
Augustana University's president says the Sioux Falls school is looking into a move to NCAA Division I athletics. The Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan reports... [Read More]
South Dakota jury clears ex-nonprofit CEO in contract case sparked after finance officer killed his family and himself. [Read More]
South Dakota will get more than a half-million dollars from a judgment against Uber, even though the ride-hailing service isn't currently available in the state. [Read More]
A former South Dakota nonprofit official accused of backdating contracts says he didn't know his colleague was using another organization's money for the nonprofit's payroll... [Read More]
Sioux Falls' school-board president is concerned that statewide graduation requirement changes will limit opportunities for thousands of special-education students across South Dakota. [Read More]