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Most lawyers would probably admit that not only are the times "a-changin", but chaos is trying to take the upper hand. [Read More]
our law firm client has a need to add an experienced Organic Chemistry Patent Agent to its busy national practice in its New York office.... [Read More]
Posted by Kinney Recruiting LLC (view profile) ... [Read More]
Wish George Washington the happiest of birthdays by listening to legal podcasts… for free. [Read More]
Some of the most delightful feedback Lawline has received so far this year. [Read More]
Happy 100 days to the GDPR deadline... [Read More]
* A question that has crossed the mind of every Biglaw corporate associate: "How much of lawyering is being a copy-and-paste monkey?" [3 Geeks and... [Read More]
Trump aides will get some monetary assistance. [Read More]
Notes to my (legal) self. [Read More]
We should not continue to deny the existence of implicit bias in our justice system. [Read More]
But the state isn't going to just let felons start voting if they can help it, not before the midterms, at least. [Read More]
The 'integrity fee' is how sports leagues intend to get paid by legalized gambling. [Read More]
If they want to bring back perennial LegalTech attendees, how about they challenge the norm and innovate the format? [Read More]
RollOnFriday reports that the partner was allowed to remain at the firm. [Read More]
This memo is both parties making a constitutional crisis over something that popped up in America's SPAM FOLDER. [Read More]
Be that unsexy sounding generalist so you can fight and win for your clients. [Read More]
Take a deep dive into the history of landmark Supreme Court opinions. [Read More]
Sought for a real estate boutique in San Antonio, Texas. [Read More]
Some alums are pissed. [Read More]
When in doubt, blame Facebook. [Read More]
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