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Big Data and the Litigation Analytics Revolution By BRIAN DALTON Big data is worthless in a vacuum. Its potential value is unlocked only when leveraged... [Read More]
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The time you spend at your job - with your boss, your colleagues, your work friends, etc - is not insignificant, and it's probably the... [Read More]
Download here. A great resource for law students as well as practicing attorneys. [Read More]
85% of LDO professionals believe that corporate law departments will be the primary driver of innovation. [Read More]
Because startups are about pace and acceleration, things change early and often. It's important to lock in your basic rights sooner than later. [Read More]
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If you want to look at the trash without getting into the garbage, I've got you covered. [Read More]
We caught up with Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, the executive director of Buying Legal Council, the international trade organization for legal procurement to learn more about legal procurement and... [Read More]
After a decade of working with thousands of lawyers, Rocket Matter's CEO shares his clients' best tips on boosting profits. [Read More]
Whether you're dealing with clients, adversaries, or presiding judges, effective communication is key. [Read More]
This month, I am asking the questions. I interviewed Michelle Travis, a professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, a Dean's Circle... [Read More]
A future-ready company comes from passionate employees who feel confident enough to work together, challenge the status quo, and deliver new insights that will delight... [Read More]