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Dangerous storms sweeping across the Mississippi Valley into Wednesday night will proceed a significant severe event this weekend. [Read More]
Weather forecast overview for the North Central United States... [Read More]
A prolonged severe weather and flooding event is unfolding across the central United States with storms developing Oklahoma to Ohio. [Read More]
From a magnitude-6.9 earthquake devastating Chile to an astronaut making your classic lunch from space, here are the top viral videos for this week's wrap... [Read More]
In its first of 22 plunges in the gap between the gas giant and its rings, Cassini successfully sent back the first raw images of... [Read More]
Cassini came within 1,900 miles of Saturn's cloud tops and 200 miles within the planet's innermost rings. The raw images sent from this region... [Read More]
It was an unusual 911 call. A woman was sitting on the hook of a crane suspended 20 stories above the ground. It took more... [Read More]
Floods are the most common severe weather emergency in the United States. That's why it's important to know what to do if you find yourself... [Read More]
These goats are part of a system that the fire department has used for the past 3 years. [Read More]
Officials in Edgecombe County have declared a state of emergency in response to heavy rains that led to flooding which has closed local roads and... [Read More]
A few days of summerlike warmth, including temperatures in the 80s F, will grip much of the eastern United States into next week. [Read More]
Damaging winds and tornadoes will threaten lives and property across the central U.S. this weekend. [Read More]
All of this flooding comes after heavy rains drenched the Carolinas earlier this week. Some areas reported nearly 8 inches of rain. [Read More]
Areas along a 900-mile swath from the southern Plains to the Ohio Valley will face potentially damaging and life-threatening severe weather from Friday night to... [Read More]
Florida Polytechnic University uses operable louver arms to shade its students from the Florida sun. [Read More]
Gov. Jerry Brown recently lifted the drought emergency in California, but certain restrictions remain in effect in anticipation of future droughts. [Read More]
Trees benefit our environment by cleaning air and water and reducing energy needs. [Read More]
KWCH reporter DeeDee Sun was caught on camera when, during the weather segment in Wichita, the green screen was accidentally switched to her live... [Read More]
Four years ago Billy the 18-year-old goat was attacked and nearly killed by dogs. During his rehab Samoa the rooster took a liking to him... [Read More]
Dangerous flooding ensued in North Carolina this week while severe storms lashed parts of the central U.S. with baseball-sized hail. [Read More]