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Many residents of the United Kingdom noticed the strange red-orange glow in the sky and the sun during Ophelia, but how could such a storm... [Read More]
Three people have died from strong winds uprooting trees in the wake of Ophelia. Even though the storm wasn't a hurricane when it battered the... [Read More]
The drone slammed in to the plane as it was about to land in Quebec City. [Read More]
Bouts of rain and strong winds will be common across British Columbia and the northwestern United States as storms roll in one after another this... [Read More]
Two men in Loma Rica, California narrowly escaped with their lives on October 12 from a wildfire that had no evacuation warning. [Read More]
Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage to Puerto Rico in Septebmer, and left millions of people without power and access to basic needs like food and... [Read More]
Officials confirmed a contract firefighter battling a wildfire near Napa's Robert Mondavi Winery died on October 16, after his water truck veered off Oakville Grade... [Read More]
Residents of the central United States will once again have to contend with rain and a threat for severe weather this weekend. [Read More]
A small creek a few miles outside of San Juan became a raging river, picking up trees, pipes and rubble from a mountainside where they... [Read More]
Canada geese have long been thought to migrate where food supplies are lush, but a recent discovery challenges that notion. [Read More]
Weeks after Cassini's demise, NASA continues to share data gathered by the spacecraft, including a view of ultraviolet auroral emissions on Saturn. [Read More]
A bounce house at a Niagara County, New York, corn maze became airborne on October 15, when strong winds swept through the area. Several children... [Read More]
Incredible footage shows daredevil Alexandru Streinu, from Romania, surfing on a river in Munich, Germany. The surfer can be seen riding a huge wave in... [Read More]
A stunning, red-tinted sky sent social media abuzz in the United Kingdom on Monday as former Hurricane Ophelia impacted the region. [Read More]
More evacuees were expected to return home on Tuesday in Northern California where the states deadliest wildfires have killed at least 41 people and destroyed... [Read More]
Downgraded from hurricane strength, but still causing death and destruction across Ireland. The storm has killed at least 3 people. [Read More]
Sonoma County, California, has suffered $3 billion in losses to the recent spate of raging wildfires, according to NBC news. The region's trade association, Napa... [Read More]
Search-and-rescue teams comb through gutted homes across California's celebrated wine country searching for bodies. Survivors are slowly returning home but 88 people are still unaccounted... [Read More]
Puerto Rico continues to struggle with water shortages and lack of medical care. According to the latest available data and conversations with energy experts, the... [Read More]
Scientists for the first time have detected both gravitational waves and light from the collision of two dead, incredibly dense neutron stars. [Read More]