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Most of us may know about the planets that make up our Solar System. But outside our cosmic confines, scientists have discovered thousands of... [Read More]
Ever wonder what causes the beautiful lights known as aurora borealis? This video explains how it all starts with the sun. [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump's trip to the heavily fortified DMZ between North and South Korea was called off Nov 8. According to Reuters, the visit... [Read More]
A team of AccuWeather employees arrived in the town of Patillas, Puerto Rico, earlier this week to distribute life-saving supplies as part of its "Rays... [Read More]
Numerous sightings of Aurora Borealis were reported throughout the UK during the night of November 7, with lights appearing over Scotland, Anglesey, Yorkshire and Northern... [Read More]
Vietnam's Thu Bon River overflowed its banks after Typhoon Damrey pummeled the country. [Read More]
A sailor's was rescued at sea off San Onofre State Beach in California, when his boat took on water. Coast Guard footage captured the tense... [Read More]
Severe storms caused damage across parts of Queensland, bringing wild wind and heavy rain on November 7. [Read More]
Signs are pointing toward a displacement of the polar vortex that may be accompanied a significant storm with rain, snow and wind in the northeastern... [Read More]
We've heard of this term before, but what is it actually? What causes this vortex to spread down south? Let's find out. [Read More]
This is the moment dozens of women and children ran for their lives after 18 cars rammed into each other on a smog-filled highway. Doctors... [Read More]
The 81-year-old woman with dementia was reported missing Nov 5 in North Carolina. The Randolph County Sheriff's Office deployed a drone and was able to... [Read More]
Thick smog and haze have caused poor visibility and result in a health emergency in New Delhi this week. [Read More]
The Indian Medical Association declared a public health emergency in New Delhi on November 7. Schools remain closed to help keep children from being exposed... [Read More]
With Christmas roughly six weeks away, this week marks the first days of trading for many Christmas markets across the United Kingdom. [Read More]
In some areas, the tropical paradise known as the Florida Keys resembles a shadow of what it was before Hurricane Irma struck the islands nearly... [Read More]
Following record-breaking heat only days ago, residents of the southern United States will face a period of chillier weather. [Read More]
On the Korean leg of his tour of Asia on Wednesday, President Donald Trump was forced to cancel a trip to the demilitarized zone (DMZ)... [Read More]
Weather forecast overview for the North Central United States... [Read More]
Over a week after a severe storm flooded the Northeast, parts of Maine are still without power. Poles are snapped and power lines are still... [Read More]