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The senior members of the Adelphi women's lacrosse team receive their own private graduation ceremony after missing commencement for the NCAA Division II Championship game. [Read More]
STEAM and S.E.E.D.S. are two collaborative initiatives that the Ammon School has put under the heading of Community Engagement/Experiential Learning—STEAM combining the arts ("A") with... [Read More]
Whether you're thinking about a path for your undergraduate degree or planning for graduate education, we show how to fulfill your academic and career goals. [Read More]
The rubrics for Adelphi University Learning Goals have been developed by groups of faculty particularly concerned with the specific goals. [Read More]
View Adelphi University's anti-discrimination, harassment and retaliation policy. [Read More]
All employees have an obligation to avoid situations which might make it difficult for them to act in the best interests of the University. [Read More]
The University provides the opportunity for eligible employees to take a leave of absence as defined in the Family and Medical Leave Act. [Read More]
Adelphi realizes the importance of a drug-free campus to the success of this mission and is strongly committed to the prevention of substance abuse. [Read More]
The University will consider personal leaves of absence without pay in certain exceptional cases. [Read More]
Find the information you need about your rights if you encounter discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. [Read More]
Michael D. Zentman, Ph.D. and director of Adelphi University's post graduate program in couple's therapy notes in an NBC article that marriage is looking a... [Read More]
Giannis Antetokounmpo ("The Greek Freak") of the Milwaukee Bucks hosted a basketball clinic for kids at Adelphi University. [Read More]
Adelphi University's employs many student workers who are compensated for their services according to the Student Employee Compensation Plan. [Read More]
Adelphi University's interim provost and executive vice president Sam L Grogg, Ph.D., shares some important pointers on getting your master's degree in a New... [Read More]
Associate Professor Sydney Marquez Boquiren's chamber opera "Independence Eve" premiered at Signature Theatre's ARK Theater on Saturday, June 3. [Read More]
Adelphi University has appointed Brady Crook as vice president for University Advancement. Brady is a seasoned higher education fundraising professional who will begin on July... [Read More]
Adelphi women's lacrosse takes third NCAA Division II title in four years with a 6-4 win against Florida Southern... [Read More]
As the vice president of Product Quality and Responsible Sourcing, Irene Quarshie, B.A. '98 serves as a senior leader in Target's global sourcing organization. [Read More]
Mike Grant, M.S. '77, is a pioneer and an explorer. No, he didn't discover any unchartered lands or claim any new territories. Rather, he traveled... [Read More]
Sharla-Renee Hart '09, M.A. '14, sees health and well-being as assets shared by the community. [Read More]