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But Pew Research study shows Congress 'much less Protestant,' only 56 percent today... [Read More]
'Salt and light' activities supplement Adventist Ministries Convention events... [Read More]
Adventists draw inspiration from Paul in ultramarathon to downtown Chicago... [Read More]
'Adventure Bear' program brings joy to children's hospitals across country... [Read More]
Honor given by national hospital publication... [Read More]
"This is a day for standing in the rain." [Read More]
After prison massacre, flooding, church members reach out with compassion and hope... [Read More]
Seventh-day Adventist media outreach will serve Pacific island community... [Read More]
Refugee children from Adventist Learning Center offered winterization items to refugees in northern Lebanon... [Read More]
Death of a 9-week-old infant raised murder suspicions, later totally disproved; placed church in spotlight... [Read More]
Is it really possible? [Read More]
We plant so we can harvest... [Read More]
With some cultivating care... [Read More]
An inside look at culture, story, and God with Joe Wheeler... [Read More]
Methods and numbers... [Read More]
Jesus' vision and strategy... [Read More]
Cooking classes and music instruction lead to conversion, baptism... [Read More]
Christmas gifts cheer young patients during holidays... [Read More]
Where the joys and challenges of the incarnation are more than theoretical... [Read More]
The children become unlikely—and successful—fundraisers... [Read More]
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