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Inter-American Division president encourages Adventists to participate in relief efforts... [Read More]
Film focuses on dynamics of autism within sisterhood... [Read More]
Gathering in Argentina provides training, preparation for the mission field. [Read More]
ADRA Emergency Response Coordinator on Irma, Maria, and more. [Read More]
Adventist volunteer service can bring unexpected rewards. [Read More]
For the first time, every church in Tahiti gets involved in the "enditnow" campaign. [Read More]
Adventist World Radio helps church multiply in Uganda. [Read More]
The 1,000 Missionary Movement has led over 65,000 people to Christ. [Read More]
Facility was funded in part by world mission offerings. [Read More]
Adventist radio offer in the Kirundi language has listeners on several continents. [Read More]
Adventists gather in Kansas City to provide training and prevention education... [Read More]
Adventist Church in Inter-America Assesses Damage from Hurricane Irma and Begins Relief Efforts... [Read More]
He could have died at the hands of his father but God had a different plan. [Read More]
Agencies and volunteers pool resources to assist those in need. [Read More]
Luzeiro XXX will provide medical and spiritual care to isolated communities... [Read More]
Magufuli commits his administration to denominations serving other people. [Read More]
"Judge who doesn't work on Saturdays" back in the spotlight. [Read More]
Dozens of students from Adventist schools among the baptized. [Read More]
Organizers distribute wheelchairs and Braille Bibles to participants. [Read More]
It all started with a piece of literature and a few probing questions. [Read More]
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