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Remember to be patient and kind as both your families come to grips with this new, somewhat complicated reality. [Read More]
Ministry of reconciliation is making positive inroads into the community, leaders say. [Read More]
Influential Loma Linda cardiologist passed away on November 29, 2018. [Read More]
In Australia, art-minded residents respond to church pastor's initiative. [Read More]
Large numbers of people on three continents face hardship in the aftermath. [Read More]
Category 5 storm Mangkhut hit Luzon on September 15; millions are affected. [Read More]
God Will Take Care of You He may do it in strange ways, but He always does it! [Read More]
When grace has lived a while in us, we wake one day to learn how much we've changed, how everything is different. We …... [Read More]
Give credit where it is due. [Read More]
More than 60 percent of participants say they were drawn by posts on social media. [Read More]
In southern Brazil, newly formed Adventist group opts to reach out in a local city park. [Read More]
Betikama Adventist College is taking the gospel commission seriously. [Read More]
Three hundred guests celebrate the opening of LifeStyleTV's new headquarters. [Read More]
The following release was received from the General Conference Executive Committee Newsletter editorial team. ~ Editors The General Conference Administrative Committee (ADCOM) of the Seventh-day …... [Read More]
Recently trained coordinators will pass along insights to church members. [Read More]
But for the grace of God, there is no reason for him to be alive, Joshua Holly says. [Read More]
When we engage with people, we should be patient. . . . Let them talk, rather than immediately telling them what we think they should... [Read More]
I notice that some church members do not participate in the ordinances of foot washing and the Lord's Supper. What can we do …... [Read More]
Behind each day of celebrating a decision to follow Jesus there are dozens—hundreds—of Spirit-led moments to which so many others contributed. [Read More]
"May I Tell You a Story? [Read More]