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Johnny Depp threatened Donald Trump. Naturally, Trump Jr. further victimized Depp's ex. ... [Read More]
Firefighter Brooke Guinan was celebrated at this weekend's Pride parade. [Read More]
About 5,000 people marched in the Metro Manila Pride to expand LGBT rights in the Philippines, currently being led by a Trump-like figure, Rodrigo Duterte. [Read More]
Activists in Istanbul planned to hold the Pride march this weekend, but police fired rubber bullets and tear gas, and detained several people. [Read More]
The venue's owner discovered that the event was not a Pride celebration but rather a release of Dangerous, the alt-right provocateur's self=published book. [Read More]
With today's Arkansas ruling, there have now been five pro-equality Supreme Court decisions issued on this date. [Read More]
The Canadian prime minister once again marched in Toronto's Pride parade. Meanwhile, the president of the United States refuses to even acknowledge Pride month. [Read More]
The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race discusses the "renaissance" of drag activism, the new racially inclusive Pride flag, and a possible future in politics. [Read More]
Trump's first Supreme Court pick dissents from a pro-LGBT ruling and takes further right-wing stances on the travel ban and gun rights. [Read More]
Thousand of Parisians turned up to celebrate this anniversary and to remind the newly elected President Macron about his procreation promises. [Read More]
The justices marked the two-year anniversary of their Obergefell ruling with a summary ruling that repeatedly cited it. [Read More]
A Colorado baker says the Constitution gives him the right to deny service to a same-sex couple getting married. [Read More]
In uncertain times, New Yorkers took to the streets for protest and joy. [Read More]
The month-long celebration offers many year-long lessons for the LGBT community and its allies. [Read More]
On the season finale red carpet, RuPaul's Drag Race contestants talked about "My First Pride" and what it meant to them. [Read More]
Donald Trump's ambassador to the United Nations condemned the booing as hateful. [Read More]
People reports that the managers say the bisexual actress was "violently kicked" by her then-husband, Johnny Depp. [Read More]
Three people holding the flags were asked to leave when others said the symbol made them feel unsafe. [Read More]
The ACLU invited Chelsea Manning to join its float as it made way through New York City. [Read More]
Pride parade organizers in Turkey say police prevented them from gathering and marching. [Read More]