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Jessie Diggins made history in Pyeongchang earlier this week when she, along with team sprint freestyle partner Kikkan Randall, won the first Olympic gold medal... [Read More]
While virtual reality is still fairly new in terms of overall adoption--with just a few million people buying headsets in 2017--several companies in both the... [Read More]
Mobile's influence on shopping behavior has been on the rise since the advent of the smartphone, but recent data indicates consumers are becoming more comfortable... [Read More]
Twitter announced a new feature aimed at ensuring that businesses can respond to direct messages during periods of high volume. Developer advocate Jon Cipriano introduced... [Read More]
Linear ratings have continued to fall this season, but ad revenue is on the rise. The national TV advertising spend in January increased 7.1 percent... [Read More]
During its many years broadcasting the Olympics, NBC has learned the hard way what its viewers will and won't tolerate when it comes to offering... [Read More]
Twitter made a move to protect brands from having their advertisements appear alongside objectionable content by tweaking the requirements for participation in its Amplify program... [Read More]
Academy Awards voting continues until next Tuesday, but ABC's ad sales team has already completed its Oscars business. ABC said it has sold out of... [Read More]
"[I]n the next two years, an amazing thing is going to happen: Your brand will speak its first words," said Will Wiseman, U.S. president of... [Read More]
The fourth edition of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly uses LinkedIn data to examine what kinds of content members are engaging with on the platform,... [Read More]
It's the age-old hippie debate: Do we follow the rabbit down the hole? In an energetic new ad from agency VCCP, London's O2 arena entices... [Read More]
You may have imagined what it would be like to be an Olympic athlete, maybe you're into skiing so you've imagined skiing down steep mountains... [Read More]
Snapchat's latest viral filter didn't include a puppy face or a dancing hot dog. Instead, it focused on a life-size Michael Jordan augmented-reality filter promoting... [Read More]
When Facebook released Messenger in 2011, most people weren't aware of the capabilities and benefits it would eventually have. Fast-forward to 2017: There are more... [Read More]
Sunday will see the return of TV's No. 1 show among adults 18-49, and no, we're not talking about Game of Thrones, The Big Bang... [Read More]
Facebook followed up on the music-licensing deals it announced last month by reaching an agreement for its first "multi-territorial" music license with online licensing processing... [Read More]
Raj Nair, North American president for Ford, is leaving the company following an internal investigation into "inappropriate behavior." "We made this decision after a thorough... [Read More]
A majority of advertising professionals don't think their agencies are operating as efficiently as they could be--and in most cases, they blame clients. That's the... [Read More]
On Wednesday morning, YouTube's No. 1 trending video used footage from a CBS Los Angeles video to suggest that David Hogg, one of the survivors... [Read More]
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