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In a message ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid al Fitr, the Afghanistan Taliban leader said a planned U.S. troop surge would not end... [Read More]
A suicide car bomb exploded Thursday at a bank in Afghanistan's Helmand province as Afghan troops and government workers waited to collect their pay ahead... [Read More]
The first women settled on this stony slope outside Kabul in the 1990s hoping to escape the stigma those like them are forced to endure.Today... [Read More]
Victims include both civilians and policemen... [Read More]
Chinese foreign minister will visit Pakistan and Afghanistan to defuse tensions between the two countries... [Read More]
UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan hosts over two million Afghan refugees and expects gratitude, not hostility, from the... [Read More]
KABUL: Afghanistan will hold long-delayed parliamentary and district council elections on July 7, 2018, some three years after they were meant to take place, the... [Read More]
About as many Americans are expected to die this year of drug overdoses as died in the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. Drug overdoses... [Read More]
The U.S. may have spent $28 million too much for forest-pattern camouflage uniforms in Afghanistan, which has little forest. [Read More]
Jihadi "sanctuary" Pakistan is "the most influential external actor affecting" stability in Afghanistan, the Pentagon estimates. [Read More]
Ireland will hold talks with the ECB about playing a Test match against England at Lord's in 2019 after they and Afghanistan were granted full-member... [Read More]
(CNBC) The Pentagon wasted as much as $28 million over the past decade buying uniforms for the Afghan army with a woodland camouflage pattern appropriate... [Read More]
A car bomb exploded outside a bank on Thursday in Afghanistan's restive Helmand province, killing 29 people waiting to collect their monthly salaries, said the... [Read More]
LONDON: Ireland and Afghanistan were awarded Test match status on Thursday, taking the number of countries playing at the pinnacle of cricket from 10 to... [Read More]
Australia are set to play more cricket in the unhappy hunting ground of the United Arab Emirates after Afghanistan were granted Test-playing nation status. [Read More]
Afghanistan and Ireland have been voted in as full members of the International Cricket Council, meaning they can play Test matches against the world's elite... [Read More]
Canada has been asked to contribute trainers to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan. But trainers in Afghanistan face far greater dangers than in Iraq.... [Read More]
Washington seems to be mulling over the idea of winning Pakistan's cooperation in Afghanistan by helping it resolve its India problems. This is one of... [Read More]
The United States is aware of a video purporting to show Kevin King, a US citizen held hostage in Afghanistan, and will work to verify... [Read More]
The Pentagon wasted $28 million purchasing uniforms for the Afghan National Army, according to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). [Read More]
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