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"Black Panther" presents a vision of Africa that American film has never shown before. In "Black Panther," an African nation, Wakanda, is untouched by colonization,... [Read More]
All the latest news from Loyola University New Orleans... [Read More]
charges relate to an arms deal in the 1990s when he was deputy president... [Read More]
Meryanne Loum-Martin owns the only motel in Marrakech, Morocco, by an Africa-American women. Click here for more information. [Read More]
South Africa's chief prosecutor has announced his decision to pursue corruption charges against Jacob Zuma. He said there are "reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution." [Read More]
Anthropologist, historian, specialist in nuclear physics and passionate about linguistics, the Senegalese scholar Cheikh Anta Diop laid the foundation for finally writing the history of... [Read More]
South Africa is considering an amendment to its consitution which will allow the expropriation of land without compensation. The government claims it is addressing lingering... [Read More]
The criminal charges against Mr Zuma relate to multi-billion-dollar arms procurement deals struck by the government in the 1990s. [Read More]
Former South African President Jacob Zuma was charged Friday with 16 counts of corruption, a state prosecutor confirmed. [Read More]
South Africa's former president faces 16 corruption charges linked to a 1999 arms deal. [Read More]
Former South African President Jacob Zuma faces 16 corruption charges stemming from a government arms deal made in 1999. [Read More]
Researchers have sequenced the oldest human DNA from Africa, uncovering that the ancient people living in North Africa had far more contact with those livi... [Read More]
Former South African president Jacob Zuma is to face corruption charges over a $2.5 billion arms deal, prosecutors said, as a years-old scandal returned to... [Read More]
A new advisory board tasked with helping to revise rules for importing elephant, lion and rhino trophies from Africa is packed with hunters – some... [Read More]
The revelation by a Nigerian senator that lawmakers in the upper house of parliament receive about $37,500 each month for personal expenses has prompted anger... [Read More]
On Wednesday, an Australian minister lamented the plight of white South African farmers, saying that they "deserve special attention" and need help "from a civilized... [Read More]
Brig. Gen. William Prendergast, U.S. Army Africa Deputy Commanding General, participates in an interview with Cameroonian media following the opening ceremony for Unified Focus 2018... [Read More]
Brig. Gen. Eugene J. LeBoeuf, acting commanding general for U.S. Army Africa, visits members of the Medical Readiness Training Exercise Team March 15. LeBoeuf shakes... [Read More]
South Africa's embattled former president Jacob Zuma will stand trial for the corruption allegations that have hung over him and the country since the 1990s.…... [Read More]
The Atlantic's Graeme Wood joins Morning Joe to discuss his new piece on Germany's efforts to handle refugees from Syria and Africa. More than 2M... [Read More]
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