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The Air Force launched the crowdsourcing site on Monday. [Read More]
The 27-year-old father of four was gunned down on Mother's Day. [Read More]
Heather Wilson, a former representative from New Mexico and Air Force Academy graduate, was sworn in as the 24th secretary of the Air Force Tuesday. [Read More]
The Air Force veteran represents the same congressional district where former Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot in 2011. [Read More]
It's part of an ongoing initiative granting Gold Star families unescorted access to Air Force installations. [Read More]
The Air Force has abruptly cancelled its upcoming Squadron Officers School class, about three weeks before it was slated to begin. [Read More]
Airmen with the 301st Airlift Squadron transported four mine-hunting dolphins and their handlers from Naval Station Key West, Fla., to the U.S. Naval Marine Mammal... [Read More]
A pilot crashed an MQ-9A Reaper at the Nevada Test and Training Range last year after becoming distracted by checklist procedures and missing warning signs... [Read More]
Mechanics from Boeing Corp. contaminated the oxygen system on a presidential Air Force One aircraft last April, according to an accident investigation board report released... [Read More]
The 19-year-old slipped and fell at popular Okinawa recreation area. [Read More]
The chemicals have not been detected in MacDill's drinking water, officials said. [Read More]
Year after year, across the Air Force, some enlisted airmen earn their next stripe after three or four years, while others wait twice as long... [Read More]
A pair of President Donald Trump's recent weekend trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort cost taxpayers more than $1.2 million, new documents released by a conservative... [Read More]
It's one of the lesser-known, but most important, weapons in the fight against the Islamic State: The EC-130H Compass Call, a suite of complex communication-jamming... [Read More]
Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Oliver Cellini is a slight, sinewy man and genuine flirt who considers it remiss of a gentleman not to walk... [Read More]
Female airmen who give birth now have up to a year to decide whether they want to stay in the Air Force, under a new... [Read More]
"We don't just come in to work and play with dogs; we make a difference in the lives of our fellow service members." [Read More]
The medals were awarded for separate actions in Afghanistan, 11 years apart. [Read More]
The stealth fighters will conduct air training over the next several weeks with other Europe-based aircraft in support of the European Reassurance Initiative. [Read More]
Dallas Fort-Worth National Cemetery inters an average of 40 "unclaimed" veterans a year who were either homeless, lost contact with their family or died in... [Read More]
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