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The Air Force and Navy said Friday that some of their F-35 Lightning IIs are once again flying, a day after the military grounded the... [Read More]
The Air Force said Friday that an unspecified number of aircraft left inside hangars at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida were likely damaged when... [Read More]
After Tyndall Air Force Base suffered a 'direct hit' from Hurricane Michael, the base was without power, water or sewer, with residents told to stay... [Read More]
All F-35s grounded, a high cost-of-living adjustment boost, and Tyndall Air Force Base sustains a... [Read More]
No protest for the T-X and how can the Pentagon improve fighter readiness. [Read More]
The top Marine is considering bolstering the rifle squad to 15 Marines. And this rifle optic basically guarantees... [Read More]
F-35s are grounded and rocket development contracts are out. [Read More]
L3's Lynn Bollengier lays out how both improvements in both networks and sights are changing the equipment soldiers carry. (From the Sponsor) [Read More]
In an interview at AUSA 2018, the commanding general of Army Materiel Command, Gen. Gus Perna, lays out how things like vehicle modernization, operationalizing sustainment... [Read More]
Army Brig. Gen. David Hodne, infantry school commandant at the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, talks at AUSA about the urgency for a more... [Read More]
An airman at the 374th Mission Support Group at Yokota Air Base in Japan died in her off-base residence, the base said last week. [Read More]
The Army's Best Warriors. And why the Marine reconnaissance community is heading toward a manpower crisis. [Read More]
Viasat's Ken Peterman explains how the defense industry needs to provide a cloud infrastructure for decision making to soldiers in the field. (From the Sponsor) [Read More]
The Air Force says it may consider about 1,600 non-deployable active-duty airmen for separation under the Defense Department's new, strict policy on troop readiness. [Read More]
Brig. Gen. Alfred Abramson III PEO for Ammunition, U.S. Army talks about a name change for his organization--and how it will impact their work going... [Read More]
The Pentagon identifies soldier killed in Afghanistan and the Army won't work without this. [Read More]
Gen. Robert Brown, the commanding general of U.S. Army Pacific, talks about the importance of working together longer with regional partners and the effect of... [Read More]
Air Force bases throughout Florida on Monday warned airmen about an incoming hurricane that is approaching the Gulf Coast, and at least one is preparing... [Read More]
Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton, commander of Air University and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, says the state of schools in Montgomery is putting... [Read More]
The Air Force has officially named the hypersonic flight research vehicle its testing. [Read More]