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The new planes will be used by Afghan pilots to support armed reconnaissance missions, close-air attack and escort missions. [Read More]
Staff Sgt. Alexandria Morrow was known for her caring personality. [Read More]
Aircraft from the Air Force, other branches of the U.S. military, and coalition nations released more than 7,000 weapons against the Islamic State in January... [Read More]
Greg Gangnuss remembers hearing a helicopter above his small office building in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Oct. 11, 2015, and thinking, "Hmmm." [Read More]
An E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack System aircraft suffered water damage to its radar antenna and other electrical systems after Northrop Grumman contract maintainers forgot... [Read More]
A pinhole leak in a coolant supply line caused an MQ-1B Predator to crash Oct. 19, 2015, while supporting the war against the Islamic State,... [Read More]
LaShay Brown says she plans to join the military one day, although she is not yet sure which branch. [Read More]
Col. William Jones, the former vice commander of Shaw Air Force Base's 20th Fighter Wing in South Carolina, pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges of wrongfully... [Read More]
The special operations airmen were killed when their U-28A crashed. [Read More]
The Air Force will station a squadron of CV-22 Ospreys in Japan, the Defense Department announced today. [Read More]
In the wake of increased military activity by North Korea, the U.S.military has created a video in an effort to ease tensions between its regional... [Read More]
The documents were left visible and without password protection... [Read More]
Three airmen assigned to the 318th Special Operations Squadron were killed after their U-28A crashed during a training sortie, officials announced Wednesday morning. [Read More]
Gen. Herbert "Hawk" Carlisle retired on Friday after nearly 39 years of service, and passed command of Air Combat Command to Gen. James "Mike" Holmes. [Read More]
The U.S. Air Combat Command has a new commander. [Read More]
The Air Force is now reviewing more than 1,100 Air Force Instructions to cut out pointless rules that limit squadron commanders' authority to make decisions. [Read More]
Staff Sgt. Rebecca Rains re-enlisted for four more years aboard the KC-10. [Read More]
The Air Force said Wednesday that it has selected 30 enlisted airmen for the next wave of training to fly remotely-piloted aircraft. [Read More]
Two pilots from Moody Air Force Base ejected safely from an A-29A Super Tucano during a training flight on Monday in Georgia. [Read More]
In honor of its 125th birthday, Vogue has been photographing and highlighting American women from coast to coast. This month, the American Women project profiles... [Read More]