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Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 02:24 PM
Despite a $36 million budget for renovations of a former U.S. air base in Iceland, Navy officials retain current narrative that troops will not be... [Read More]
Hear from senior U.S. Navy leaders at the 2018 Surface Navy Association meeting. [Read More]
Lockheed Martin's Steve O'Bryan provides an update on the company's work to modernize the Aegis system and to upgrade the Freedom-class littoral combat ship for... [Read More]
Two pilots reported physiological incidents while flying, and another pilot reported an incident on the ground. [Read More]
Learn how to avoid kidnappings and surveillance in hotels. Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson shows you how. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff) [Read More]
As the Air Force's wars have shifted, the burden of deployments is increasingly falling on a specialized, in-demand cadre of crucial airmen. [Read More]
The Trump administration nears completion of a new 'buy American' weapons sales plan. [Read More]
Get an inside look at the production of a podcast devoted to real and historical leaders. (Dustin Q. Diaz and Natalie Gross/Staff) [Read More]
On Friday, North Korea agreed to hold official talks with the South next week, for the first time in over two years, just hours after... [Read More]
A 25-year-old Air Force veteran has won the Student Veterans of America's highest individual honor. [Read More]
Col. Daniel Murray's leadership was marked by concerns about his fairness, rock-bottom morale in the squadron, and his tendency to discuss religion in ways that... [Read More]
Actress Jamie Gray Hyder may be known for her work in front of the camera. But it's what she does... [Read More]
Tricare lowers some costs for active duty, retiree families in new Select plan... [Read More]
Gen. George Casey, former Army Chief of Staff and now a Student Veterans of America board member, shared his six keys for success with student... [Read More]
A specialist from the Veterans History Project shares how to preserve your story with the Library of Congress. [Read More]
A significant part of the strategy will remain classified, but at least part of the document will be open to the public. [Read More]
Two airmen were awarded the oldest medal in U.S. military aviation history Friday for their actions in Afghanistan on Jan. 5, 2016, which left bullet... [Read More]
The Air Force will unveil a newly approved beret for members of the Combat Aviation Advisor community during a ceremony Saturday at Duke Field, Florida. [Read More]
Here are some of the best pictures of the week from around the military! [Read More]
The Air Force Reserve Command said a contractor made a mistake this week when he told a potential recruit that he could not enlist because... [Read More]