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US president's government fails to comply with court order to reunite families after hundreds of children were detained for crossing border. [Read More]
Gebran Bassil says parts of Syria now peaceful, stable, adding he sees no reason for refugees to remain in Lebanon. [Read More]
Severe drought threatens to cause food shortages for up to two million people across country in six months' time. [Read More]
Hundreds of thousands in Brazil's Alagoas state suffer from water shortages. [Read More]
Why did the Trump administration create an "Iran Action Group"? [Read More]
Riyadh has been accused of using the annual pilgrimage to Mecca as a tool of pressure in its foreign politics. [Read More]
Top court's verdict clears the way for Keita to begin his second five-year term on September 4. [Read More]
In tweet responding to fan, singer said she wanted to 'shift the energetic vibration of a location for the higher good'. [Read More]
Six-day reunion, hosted in North Korea, is the first time most of 150-plus people meet family from across the border. [Read More]
Austerity measures have brought some important results and the budget has been balanced, but dark clouds may loom. [Read More]
More than two million Muslims from around the world are taking part in this year's Hajj pilgrimage. [Read More]
Letter addressed to a Saudi official suggests the kingdom plans to establish an oil port in Yemen's al-Mahra province. [Read More]
Sadr-backed Sairoon and Abadi's Nasr agreed to form 'a core for an alliance' together with Hikma and Wataniyah blocs. [Read More]
The worst monsoon flooding in a century has left hundreds dead and upwards of a million people displaced. [Read More]
Civilian passengers will be released while security personnel will be kept in custody, Taliban spokesperson says. [Read More]
No casualties reported after assailants fire shots at window in a security cabin in drive-by shooting, police say. [Read More]
Hundreds killed and thousands displaced as cow thieves murder and kidnap, but state and media focus on other conflicts. [Read More]
The funding for the first phase of the two-way currency exchange line is expected to be worth $3bn. [Read More]
Tourist operators say it will take years to regain trust with locals and foreign visitors, and that is only if the fragile calm in the... [Read More]
A judicial inquiry will examine claims of corruption and fraud in the public sector during former President Jacob Zuma's rule. [Read More]