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Colombians are likely to choose between the two candidates on the opposite extremes of the political spectrum. [Read More]
The $20m-worth of fentanyl, found in a hidden compartment of a truck, is enough to kill 26 million people, according to US drug enforcement officials. [Read More]
Former FARC members claim they are being hunted and armed paramilitary groups are once again rising in former FARC territory in Colombia. [Read More]
The truck drivers' strike, driven by higher fuel prices, is causing shortages of food and petrol in some areas. [Read More]
Fans descend on Ukrainian capital Kiev for Champions League final between Liverpool and reigning champions Real Madrid. [Read More]
Thousands of people moved away from coastal and low-lying areas to higher ground or further inland as the most powerful storm to hit Oman approaches. [Read More]
Weinstein's lawyer is expected to attack the credibility of his accusers and worried that jurors would be 'infected' by the #MeToo movement. [Read More]
The jailing of female activists makes the story of reform in the kingdom harder to tell. Plus, political ads in Mexico. [Read More]
Immigrant rights groups decry killing of Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales, 20, who killed by an agent near Mexico border. [Read More]
Can a pioneering education programme mitigate the escalating human-tiger conflict in Bangladesh's Sundarban forest? [Read More]
Activists sentenced to up to 15 years in prison as part of a crackdown on budding Anglophone secessionist movement. [Read More]
Al Jazeera investigation revealing cricket match-fixing is another sign sport's traditional values are being eroded. [Read More]
Israel revoking residencies of Jerusalemites over 'breach of loyalty' is rendering them stateless, rights groups say. [Read More]
Exit polls suggest a landslide victory for the Yes campaign, with results out later on Saturday. [Read More]
Reporter films Indian fixer boasting of bribing Sri Lankan groundsman to doctor pitch in Test matches. [Read More]
Search and rescue missions under way as authorities look for survivors after boat capsizes in Mombovo River. [Read More]
Amid period of talks over formation of new government, Al Jazeera speaks to Raed Fahmi, secretary of Communist Party. [Read More]
US President Donald Trump cancels much-awaited talks with North Korea's Kim Jong-un. [Read More]
A day after abrupt cancellation, US president says highly-anticipated summit with N Korea's leader might still go ahead. [Read More]
The law passed in the wake of recent bombings faces criticism for granting military involvement in internal security. [Read More]