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The phrase "enemy of the people" first entered the political lexicon in 1789, with the French Revolution. [Read More]
Alaska legislators are using cash leftover from their campaign contributors to pay for things like cell phones, airport lounges, and meals, stretching the legal boundaries... [Read More]
White Rock Minerals last year acquired the site, where it is planning to start exploration operations in summer. [Read More]
Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of the North Korean leader, died a "very painful death" within 20 minutes of having poison smeared on his... [Read More]
Fin whales, humpbacks and Dall's porpoises were plentiful, but no right whales were spotted in the most comprehensive Gulf of Alaska study since the end... [Read More]
The poll's runaway winner was Dick Mackey's one-second victory over Rick Swenson in the 1978 race to Nome. [Read More]
The Anchorage women train together in Alaska Pacific University's nordic program. [Read More]
The meet ends Sunday with another cross-country race. [Read More]
The UAA women's basketball team came back from a double-digit deficit in the second half to defeat the Clan 77-72. [Read More]
Fairbanks native Tayler Munson scored an empty-net goal in 5-on-5 OT to give UAF a 2-1 win and the Governor's Cup. UAA pulled its goalie... [Read More]
The West boys won despite losing — the Eagles lost Saturday's relay race to South but rallied past Service to earn the team title. [Read More]
UAA downed Central Washington 84-72 to end the regular season undefeated at home. [Read More]
Since Les Anderson landed a 97-pound Kenai king in 1985, the prized fish has been harder to find and smaller. Is there something we all... [Read More]
Two-way communication will be just the tip of the dog turd for Alaska's Last Great Race in the era of improved mushing technology. [Read More]
A biological overview, a graphic novel, a travelogue, a pictorial anthology and a children's book offer a wide cross-section of volumes featuring the charismatic carnivore... [Read More]
Bang-bang plays at first base happen when the runner and the fielder both crash to the ground while lumbering to the bag. [Read More]
Inside America's partisan shopping wars. [Read More]
Anna Dalton finished fifth overall in the 5K race. [Read More]
Alaska staged a three-goal, third-period rally — Tim Coffman struck twice, Tyler Shattock once — before falling to the Monarchs, 5-4, in extra time. [Read More]
Events that had been cancelled or disrupted in recent years were back to normal Saturday. [Read More]