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Michael Soltis' death is the second fatal bear attack in the Anchorage municipality in two summers. [Read More]
A Palmer judge lowered bail for 26-year-old Reagan Martz and approved house arrest with his parents on electronic and alcohol monitoring. [Read More]
"It's protecting something, Wendi Yohman said of the animal that attacked her search party. The bear is not acting normal." [Read More]
A member of an informal search party looking for a man missing off Hiland Road in Eagle River was mauled by a bear Wednesday morning... [Read More]
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has drafted an executive action for President Donald Trump that would direct her department to keep families together after they... [Read More]
The pair got swept away by the frigid water near Matanuska River Park in Palmer just after 9 p.m. Tuesday. [Read More]
Michael Soltis, 44, was last seen about 5 p.m. Monday near Mile 8 of Hiland Road. Family members and friends searched overnight. [Read More]
The 80th percentile rule accounted for up to 25 percent of Alaska health care cost increases since it went into effect in 2004, a new... [Read More]
A president determined to appoint judges who strictly interpret the Constitution according to original intent also insists that he can pardon himself for any crime... [Read More]
I am one of 35 US citizens to receive the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching grant for the 2018-2019 school year. [Read More]
When worshiping God, kneeling is respectful, but when worshiping the flag, kneeling is disrespectful — according, no doubt, to someone who made it up. [Read More]
For me and for many, many other Alaska Natives, this issue is personal and resurrects old wounds. [Read More]
An Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations commander estimates they have two to five years before the glacier buries the remains forever. [Read More]
Tuesday's filing of notice of intent to seek the death penalty "follows the decision and directive by Attorney General Jeff Sessions," the U.S. attorney for... [Read More]
The story involves missile testing at the state-owned rocket complex on Kodiak Island and allegations of improprieties - disputed by those involved - in how... [Read More]
If Palin, whose original charges included assaulting his father, completes Anchorage Veterans Court, he will serve 10 days in jail. If he doesn't, he will... [Read More]
Katmai National Park and Preserve is home to one the world's highest concentration of brown bears, according to the National Park Service. [Read More]
You can find solace in a duck blind just like you can on a yoga mat, columnist Christine Cunningham writes. [Read More]
Telemedicine is essential to better rural health care in Alaska. We should expand and improve the program that helps fund it. [Read More]
A shooting Monday that killed one man and wounded another is believed related to "ongoing activity ... possibly involving money or drugs, police said. [Read More]