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The president of the University of Michigan pledged on Thursday to take "appropriate steps" to address a professor's refusal to help... [Read More]
A prominent Scottish Muslim politician has accused UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn of allowing racism and antisemitism to fester in... [Read More]
A fragment of a tallit has been discovered at the site of a former synagogue in the Lodz ghetto in... [Read More]
Israel will withhold the amount paid to Ari Fuld's murderer from funds earmarked for transfer to the Palestinian Authority. Fuld,... [Read More] – The Trump administration announced on Thursday that the president will take time to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... [Read More]
Turkey and the United States have almost completed work on joint patrols in northern Syria's Manbij area and those patrols... [Read More] – With upcoming American sanctions on Iran in November, the regime has been targeting energy firms and other businesses in... [Read More]
Thumbnail – The state of Texas will require schools to teach that "Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led... [Read More]
Chancellor Angela Merkel will discuss challenging topics including the situation in Syria with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan during his visit... [Read More] – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz rode the maiden voyage of the high-speed train... [Read More]
Hezbollah and Lebanon's official army — the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) — are increasingly cooperating with one another, Israeli military... [Read More]
The recent Russian-Turkish-Iranian summit in Tehran underscored the Islamic Republic's determination to take an active and central part in the... [Read More]
It was just four months ago that Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas delivered a speech that even... [Read More]
There are a few major differences between the annual US State Department report on terrorism in the West Bank and... [Read More]
As a center-left liberal, I feel uniquely qualified to discuss the problem of antisemitism in the progressive community — where... [Read More]
In March 2015, I received an email from Ari Fuld. A mutual friend had suggested that Ari get in touch... [Read More]
Washington's envoy to the United Nations accused Iran on Thursday of flagrantly violating Iraqi sovereignty in order to carve a... [Read More]
The new fast train line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was inaugurated on Thursday at a ceremony attended by Prime... [Read More]
The IDF chief of staff has warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet that the chances of a major... [Read More]
The residents of an apartment building in the fashionable 18th arrondissement of Paris awoke on Thursday morning to find viciously... [Read More]
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