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stringer bell wrote: » Trump:... [Read More]
Soloman_The_Wise wrote: » Naughty By Nature: I like all of 'em. I got a relationship with Treach. [Read More]
I'm going to start my own blog about my experiences becoming an independent business man. I'm a rap artist who released my first album on... [Read More]
Clips & Goodz vs Suge & Ars... [Read More]
jono wrote: » Y'all idiots mad at the wrong shit. People trying to earn a living and feed their families just like you. Motherfuckas ain't... [Read More]
illedout wrote: » Oh Meek aint get touched, out in Cali ?? And niggaz still think he scared ?? You niggas is the ones delusional.. [Read More]
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If you say yes to sex, get ready to take that mystery ride bitches... [Read More]
Parents need the ass whooping when a 4 year old acts like that... [Read More]
When I lived in New York I knew people that talked like that. And after a while I started talking like that. [Read More]
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Man this episode is so good ima have to watch this again. Damn Tariq smh... [Read More]
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Dope tune and video, features shots inside the legendary 'Gleason's' Gym and 'Black Gold Records'... I need to check their project out... Anyone peeped it??? [Read More]
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No I have my money in two accounts and invested. Now can you pause that movie and take yo fat ass down stairs and eat... [Read More]
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This shit looking lit. Jiren calm asf. Goku out there like everybody is a friend. [Read More]