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soul rattler wrote: » Why do people think they can just redefine a word to escape being called that word? [Read More]
Probably say "fuck me nigger" every time he smashes. [Read More]
MR.CJ wrote: » Wilt in the cut looking like he plotting... [Read More]
We all have dreams...some we dont remember and some we do. [Read More]
Beta wrote: » LcnsdbyROYALTY wrote: » Stew wrote: » ^^^^wild homo Nigga, I ain't make the damn album cover. >_>... [Read More]
Shook Ones Pt ll Survival Of The Fittest Temperatures Rising Give Up The Goods... [Read More]
hahahahah u guys are so awesome.. [Read More]
to a dude and nah I never thought she was a dyke but she met dude it safe to assume the bitch crazy? [Read More]
OmegaConflict wrote: » @deadeye westie back... [Read More]
Stew wrote: » Fosheezy wrote: » I coulda swore son promised the whole IC he wasn't going back in that last thread he made. Smh. [Read More]
Thanks to the manipulation of the streaming system, Epic Records landed a Top 10 record on Billboard without releasing an album. [Read More]
SELASI_i wrote: » ineedpussy wrote: »... [Read More]
Triple h told booker t people like you dont get to be world champs with your nappy hair you here to entertain dance for me... [Read More]
atribecalledgabi wrote: » All5KingDrive wrote: » atribecalledgabi wrote: » I changed you name back cap... [Read More]
This is actually a dope pic. [Read More]
CapitalB wrote: » that Kanye pic never ceases to sadden me. bruh this my first time seeing that shit shit is kinda pulling me down... [Read More]
AZTG wrote: » Huey_C wrote: » AZTG wrote: »... [Read More]
SolemnSauce wrote: » Westie wrote: » SolemnSauce wrote: »... [Read More]
playmaker88 wrote: » LcnsdbyROYALTY wrote: » playmaker88 wrote: » As with alot of lupe shit the production is distracting.. How so? [Read More]
But get way too much hate. Discuss. Ill throw a few names for discussion. Luger Batista Sid Yokozuna Kevin Nash Big Show/The Giant Cena Orton... [Read More]