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Prayers up to our guy Combat Jack, who just revealed he' locked in a battle with colon cancer. [Read More]
I got a private message from somebody and apparently somebody around here is about to get ran off the ic or possibly assassinated. [Read More]
"Ginger I have no clue why your acting like this"- pussy nigga... [Read More]
Yo quick question for ya.... If a nigga repeatedly made slanderous comments about Ben Simmons ability/game, is he allowed to take it all back?? [Read More]
Nah he wants to contribute, He feels like that should be his Targets/Catches especially w/the emergence of Ju-Ju ...He fucked up running to twitter tho..Bad…... [Read More]
shout out to the other CAC for letting them catch the fair one... [Read More]
They laughin at the end cause they dont even believe that bullshit. at Tyrese about to drop some "Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Chronic type rap album" [Read More]
Apparently everyone was invited to Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka'oir's wedding except the people you would think would be at the top of the list. [Read More]
Shizlansky wrote: » Livefromclayco wrote: »... [Read More]
Lou_Cypher wrote: » And the man who sold the world >... [Read More]
Ima ride for Killa Priests verse as being a highlight too... [Read More]
Yea them joints clean. What he got playing in the background of that video? He need to sample that tune... [Read More]
Is Nikki gonna be a character witness or something? Is that even such a thing??? [Read More]
It's nice being on the other end of this lol... [Read More]
Quavo is playing with all of our emotions! Who has the Migos tapped to executive producer their new project? [Read More]
Lil Wayne allegedly wants the termination of Young Money as a joint venture with Cash Money. [Read More]
I've been having clown feet since 16. Finding Jordan's in stores ain't easy. Not everywhere has size 15... [Read More]
Veto the deal ya, me and @af.r.i.c.a. working on a "settlement" deal cus he gotta get something outta this or he'll quit. [Read More]
hit up this spot that came well recommended for steak on Friday....ordered my shit medium...for the price i thought i was getting a Flinstones sized... [Read More]