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This week Matt Malone, SJ., and Kerry Weber chatted to Robert David Sullivan about the role of Catholics in Congress across party lines. This topic is particualrly timely given that almost one third... [Read More]
Interfering with another nation's politics having evidently become a thing, Donald Trump told his interviewer that Britain is "smart" for getting out of the European Union. [Read More]
'I pray that somehow through my online ...I've been able make this vocation come alive for people.'... [Read More]
Pope Francis "puts his credibility on the line not only in the foreign policy field, but also in the pastoral field," outgoing U.S. Vatican Ambassador Ken Hackett says. [Read More]
'The law has brought about important gains in coverage and those gains should be protected.'... [Read More]
Long homilies risk charging in as an interruption on the main event: the Eucharist. [Read More]
The remarkable showdown is the latest example of Pope Francis clashing with more conservative elements in the Catholic Church. [Read More]
Embroiled in a legal battle to protect their property from confiscation by the Israeli government, the Nasser family has made their farm a symbol of nonviolent resistance. [Read More]
The attack killed more than 100 refugees and aid workers, a Borno state official said. [Read More]
"It is sad to see how every sector of society has now become a target of violence, and [clergy] are no exception." [Read More]
Pope Francis has invoked the civil rights crusader in three high-profile messages delivered during his pontificate. [Read More]
The Boston cardinal already serves as president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. [Read More]
Needless to say, I was trying to impress him. This was the first instant millionaire I'd ever met. [Read More]
Cardinals and residents oppose the opening of the store so close to the Vatican. [Read More]
The inauguration of a new president can be a time of hope and renewal for the country, Cardinal Dolan said. [Read More]
Students gather outside the schools before the first day of class, ready to learn new skills or improve their language skills, both of which can be invaluable for making a living in refugee... [Read More]
Is Sherlock Holmes back? Well, it depends on how we define "back." [Read More]
Efforts to respond to the global crisis of migration are straining budgets not only at humanitarian agencies like Catholic Relief Services but among nations near points of flight. [Read More]
When choosing to believe is more and more a revolutionary act, religious education must do much more than hand on the basic tenets of the faith. [Read More]
p.p1... [Read More]