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The House voted today to pass an amended version a surveillance bill that would extend Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Act (FISA). The FISA... [Read More]
On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump posted a series of angry tweets, accusing former President Barack Obama of engaging in a "Nixon/Watergate"-style plot to tap... [Read More]
House leadership today once again caved to irresponsible fearmongering from the intelligence agencies and succeeded in jamming through a hastily drafted surveillance bill. [Read More]
Earlier this week, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he plans to run for U.S. Senate from Arizona. The ACLU has aggressively and successfully sued... [Read More]
Walter Jordan tried to tell the world he was dying in prison in Arizona when he mailed a handwritten message, titled "Notice of Impending Death,"... [Read More]
First there was Jane Doe. Then there were Jane Roe and Poe. Now Jane Moe has come to our attention.Earlier this week, we learned that... [Read More]
In the latest in a long line of attacks on freedom of the press, President Trump has once again threatened today to change libel laws... [Read More]
Rahim Mohamed's daughter was born in October, but the 32-year old father, who has been detained in immigration custody since April, has not seen or... [Read More]
Michelle Alexander dedicates her book, "The New Jim Crow," to the people who have been swept up by America's racist criminal justice system. "You may... [Read More]
In anticipation of a possible vote in the House, the ACLU sent this vote recommendation to Congress on S.139, which would reauthorize Section 702 of... [Read More]
This February 28, 2017 letter from the ACLU and Human Rights Watch urges European Union officials to reexamine whether or not the Privacy Shield Agreement... [Read More]
The government last week issued new rules governing its searches of electronic devices at the border on the same day that it revealed that such... [Read More]
At Letcher County Central High in Whitesburg, Kentucky, students enrolled in the school's elective Bible courses are instructed by one worksheet to "[d]o your best... [Read More]
On Wednesday, the ACLU will be in the Supreme Court, defending a victory that preserved the voting rights of thousands of Ohio voters in the... [Read More]
Senate Democrats today reached an important milestone in the path to saving net neutrality after the Federal Communications Commission announced last month it would roll... [Read More]
In early December, the Virginia State Crime Commission endorsed legislation that would expand the list of misdemeanors for which DNA collection would be mandatory for... [Read More]
As long as Donald Trump is president, American criminal justice reform may depend on the states. So it's significant that in one state, Massachusetts, a... [Read More]
Jeff Sessions is in denial. Despite all the evidence, he refuses to believe that this country's decades-long War on Drugs has been a colossal failure.... [Read More]
Almost four months after an American citizen was secretly detained by the U.S. military in Iraq, and three months after the American Civil Liberties Union... [Read More]
The American Civil Liberties Union voiced its opposition to a bill that would reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is set... [Read More]
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