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Charlie Camosy asks on his Facebook page what it was like to experience Star Wars in 1977. He was two years old, and (obviously) has... [Read More]
If we are going to flatter and applaud anyone, it should be our real allies and not reckless clients that implicate us in their war... [Read More]
Normalizing political violence makes America worse... [Read More]
During Trump's visit to Israel, he cut his National Security Advisor out of his meeting with Netanyahu while bringing along his son-in-law and Jason Greenblatt:Two... [Read More]
In a rare bit of good news, Joe Lieberman withdrew his name from consideration for FBI Director:Former Sen. Joe Lieberman, once a leading contender for... [Read More]
Another undercover video of abortion providers talking shop. National Review runs excerpts from their conversation, such as:Dr. Lisa Harris, the medical director of Planned Parenthood of... [Read More]
Michael Horton's analysis of the war on Yemen is excellent as always. Here he addresses the plan to assault the port of Hodeidah:Even with U.S.... [Read More]
Hooman Majd comments on the results of Iran's presidential election, and recommends an alternative to Trump's hostility towards the country:A smarter U.S. policy would take... [Read More]
Newt Gingrich makes a lot of questionable claims in this op-ed, but this one is simply risible:The United States and Saudi Arabia signed a $110... [Read More]
According to the Telegraph, members of Manchester's Muslim community reported the suicide bomber Salman Abedi on multiple occasions to British authorities after he voiced support... [Read More]
Remembering Peter Augustine Lawler, 1951—2017... [Read More]
PC culture is an enemy of discourse regardless of party affiliation. [Read More]
What happened to the president who promised to make Europe pay for its own defense? [Read More]
We've reached a high point of absurdity when pointing out human rights abuses is "demonization." [Read More]
I want to commend to your attention the speech New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu gave on the day the final Confederate monument -- Robert E.... [Read More]
Reader Annie comments on the Manchester bombing thread:Western liberals have a bad habit of "denying agency." Our self-absorbed knee-jerk tendency to blame all the world's woes... [Read More]
On the Jewish calendar, today is the 50th anniversary of the reunification (or conquest, depending on how you look at it) of Jerusalem. The holy... [Read More]
More from philosopher Ryszard Legutko's The Demon In Democracy, in which the Polish Catholic academic, an anti-communist dissident, explores the similarities between communism and liberal democracy:... [Read More]
The other day on this blog, in a discussion of Team Trump's dodgy relations with Russian officials, I described Russia as a "hostile foreign power." Some... [Read More]
The Washington Times' editorial on Trump's Saudi visit is an exercise in self-parody:Now a new president is making the rounds in the troubled region, this... [Read More]