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Did you know that Dr. Seuss's books are secretly racist? Prof. Philip Nel has been reading between the lines, and brings the news to woke... [Read More]
Yesterday, a mob in Durham, NC, tore down a Confederate statue that had been in place since 1924. David A. Graham was there. Excerpts from... [Read More]
The campaign for transgender rights has left many small-o orthodox Christians reeling, desperate for guidance in how to think about it and act faithfully in... [Read More]
Trump's reckless Venezuela bluster is having the predictable effect of distracting attention from the crisis in Venezuela and undermining the regional response to it:President Nicolás... [Read More]
Aisha Jumaan condemns the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led war on Yemen for starving millions of Yemenis:Saudi Arabia must lift the blockade and allow the commercial flow of... [Read More]
Lack of forensics leads to muddy waters indeed. [Read More]
Where does campus policing of private behavior and association end? [Read More]
Whatever they say, this is not WWII-era Germany or Japan. [Read More]
An extraordinary public letter:My name is Pearce Tefft, and I am writing to all, with regards to my youngest son, Peter Tefft, an avowed white... [Read More]
Did you see this profoundly sad interview with the single mother of the 20-year-old far-right man arrested for mowing down protesters in C'ville?When pressed by... [Read More]
Reader Dave Kuntz gives me permission to share this letter he sent me:I just finished "The Idea of a Christian Village" in The Benedict Option.... [Read More]
H.R. McMaster said something yesterday on This Week that is every bit as dangerous as Trump's incendiary rhetoric last week. The more striking thing is... [Read More]
Yemen's cholera epidemic has now infected half a million people:The number of suspected cases of cholera resulting from an epidemic in war-torn Yemen has reached... [Read More]
Rod Dreher flagged Trump's bizarre hint that military intervention in Venezuela might be an option. That would be a colossal error, and regional governments have... [Read More]
On 'morons,' executive and legislative. [Read More]
Golden State or failed state? [Read More]
All four volumes a labor of love. [Read More]
As first female SEAL trainee reportedly drops out, debate hovers around biology. [Read More]
Slate's Dahlia Lithwick draws a line in the sand:If you were sickened and horrified by the images of Nazis openly marching through a town and... [Read More]
Charlottesville is the kind of America that identity politics is calling into being. It's time for straight talk about that.On the Right, the story is... [Read More]