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This wasn't the first time that the Administration has been consumed by a cycle of outrage over the applicability of Syria-Holocaust analogies. [Read More]
The greatest threat to the liberal international order comes not from Russia, China, or jihadist terror but from the self-induced deconstruction of Western culture. [Read More]
The country's biggest oil field was just shut down. Again. [Read More]
This is the house of cards that the last Administration claimed was a big piece of its green legacy. [Read More]
A goodwill gesture to Trump ordered on the eve of the Mar-a-Lago summit—but will it be enough? [Read More]
And the political and ideological ethos of the people who work in news probably has something to do with it. [Read More]
While there are some jitters in Seoul, there are also signs that the tougher U.S. posture is welcome—especially insofar as it's changing Beijing's calculus. [Read More]
On this week's episode host Richard Aldous speaks with William Bonvillian about Trump's proposed elimination of ARPA-E before discussing Gorsuch and the... [Read More]
Reducing competition in daycare seems likely to force many parents to pull their children out altogether. [Read More]
If Venezuela's economy continues to sputter, Russia could own a majority stake in the Houston-based oil company. [Read More]
And that's good news for Donald Trump. [Read More]
Desperate African migrants trying to reach Europe are being bought and sold on slave markets in Libya. Thank goodness a Republican President didn't author this... [Read More]
Important goods and services are costing Americans vastly more over time. It's time to notice, and figure out why. [Read More]
The tightening pension vise will force tax increases and austerity in the Golden State. [Read More]
Iranian state media report that Iran may receive two Boeing aircraft this month, the first such delivery of American planes since the fall of the... [Read More]
America's shift to shale gas is reaping major environmental benefits. [Read More]
I wrote my first response to the U.S. cruise missile attack on Shayrat Air Base on April 7, 2017, at 2:30 p.m. EDT—in other words,... [Read More]
ISIS claims responsibility for Palm Sunday bombings of Coptic Christians. But the attack will also badly hurt Egypt's economy by driving away tourists in droves. [Read More]
The key metric in education should be how much material students master, not how much time they spend in class. [Read More]
So much for rehabilitating the National Front. [Read More]