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How a transport fuel became one of the biggest issues in this year's German election:... [Read More]
Like it or not, the Iran nuclear deal weds us to trying to integrate the country into the the international financial system. [Read More]
The story is less who made the sale, but that the sale happened at all. [Read More]
Great countries can fall apart. I don't know what that would look like for America. And I don't know how to stop it. [Read More]
Migrant flows from Libya to Italy are down thanks to the Italian navy, but are offset by increases from Morocco to Spain. [Read More]
It might be more satisfying to try to punish Maduro's odious regime more forcefully. But the current, measured, targeted sanctions are the best way forward. [Read More]
The corporate diversity apparatus that led to James Damore's dismissal is in part a self-interested mechanism for companies to make bigger profits. [Read More]
The UAE steps its embargo of Qatar up another notch by penalizing foreign banks with Qatari ties. It's a bold move, but has the potential... [Read More]
The growth of "populism" in European politics is better described as a response by Europe's populations to Germany's increasingly dominant position on the Continent. [Read More]
What a leaked report on climate science tells us about the link between extreme weather and climate change. [Read More]
Beijing has cut the ribbon on an ambitious railway project across Malaysia—but it's risky business for both parties. [Read More]
If history is any indicator, then an escalating rift between Iran's Supreme Leader and its recently reelected President will end up bolstering Khamenei and his... [Read More]
The war of words between Trump and Kim Jong-un isn't the nightmare that should keep you up at night. [Read More]
The Trump administration appears to be taking proposals to privatize the war in Afghanistan very seriously. It's a bad idea. [Read More]
Beijing has swiftly moved to enforce the latest North Korea sanctions—but with Trump foretelling "fire and fury" rather than negotiations, that cooperation may not last... [Read More]
The VA is one of the frontrunners in telemedicine implementation, and may lead the way for regulatory reform that benefits the general public. Meanwhile, there's... [Read More]
China and Russia are taking advantage of America's absence to export nuclear power technologies all around the world. [Read More]
An attack on the Syrian Kurds might be a question of where, not if. [Read More]
ASEAN's stronger criticisms of China can't hide the fact that Beijing is still having its way in the South China Sea. [Read More]
With the United States missing in action, China continues to have its way in the disputed waterway. [Read More]