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Tehran's strategizing pays off again, as several of its clients strike a deal that undermines Kurdish hopes of independence. [Read More]
Matthew B. Crawford's The World Beyond Your Head is a thoughtful philosophical discourse on modernity and its discontents—with plenty of resonance for our current political... [Read More]
The President is betting on the Electoral College to carry him back to the White House in 2020, and he just might be right. [Read More]
On this week's episode, host Richard Aldous speaks with Anne Applebaum about her new book, Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine. [Read More]
Moscow's apparent inaction in the recent German elections hides a sophisticated effort to target the Russian diaspora. [Read More]
With the Iraqi government's move to retake Kirkuk, it's time for the U.S. to start planning for just how bad things could get. [Read More]
The EIA projects US energy-related greenhouse gas emissions will continue to fall this year. [Read More]
We have entered a new era in which two great-power adversaries are threatening our democratic way of life with great subtlety and sophistication. [Read More]
Thelonious Monk was a bebop pioneer who swiftly left that medium behind for a style of music entirely his own making. [Read More]
Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue of Equitorial Guinea is facing not just forfeiting his ill-gotten assets, but may be also looking at a prison term. [Read More]
A new data dive offers mixed evidence, confirming some prevailing narratives and confounding others. [Read More]
Americans deserve in-depth commentary and analysis about the merits and faults of the Iran nuclear deal. They are not getting it. [Read More]
Another disturbing chapter in the Obama-era spy wars. [Read More]
Erdoğan's latest contretemps with the United States could end up doing irreparable harm to the U.S.-Turkish relationship. [Read More]
The administration is notching a series of tactical victories in isolating Pyongyang—but in service of a strategic objective that is widely seen as unachievable. [Read More]
The U.S. and Turkey have halted consular services. It's an unprecedented display of how far the U.S. relationship with Turkey has fallen. [Read More]
The President's speech to the UN General Assembly last month contained the beginnings of a good idea for U.S. foreign policy. Now let's see if... [Read More]
You don't see him, then you do see him, and then you don't again. [Read More]
The campus free speech wars aren't the only threat to American higher education. [Read More]
Up to 1,000 Chinese troops are lingering near disputed terrain with India, building a road near the site of this summer's face-off. [Read More]
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