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The construction of extensive Chinese facilities on the Spratly Islands is all but complete. [Read More]
Berlin's self-righteousness on economic matters is understandable. But times are changing, and Germany politics have to keep up if the EU—and the transatlantic relationship—is to... [Read More]
California's high-end housing market is one of the most attractive for America's rich. The market for starter homes? Not so much. [Read More]
The organization's reckless and misleading use of its imprimatur is poisonous for public debate. [Read More]
Members failed to produce enough votes to block the cultivation of two new GM crops. [Read More]
What "they" don't want you to know. [Read More]
Shinzo Abe is not letting the North Korean crisis go to waste. [Read More]
The Obama Recovery didn't do much for the housing sector. [Read More]
The liberal tilt of minority voters doesn't by itself account for the magnitude of California's Democratic supermajority. [Read More]
The UK may have just found its biggest new reserve of offshore crude this century. [Read More]
Will we see a third ring of suburbs? [Read More]
The story is more about a power struggle than about people power. [Read More]
Reactions to Trump show that elites are also susceptible to collective moods. [Read More]
Time will tell if this strategy will backfire, generating more pushback from potential allies like South Korea. [Read More]
But this weekend's protests, impressive as they were, are a long way from constituting a lasting threat to Putin's power. [Read More]
Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats defied pollsters' predictions on Sunday, trouncing Martin Schulz's Social Democrats in a closely watched election in Saarland. [Read More]
OPEC and co. hardly have a choice in the matter. [Read More]
China is moving closer to replacing the United States as a key Pakistani ally. [Read More]
Here's some fodder for your next dinner party. [Read More]
America's top general in Africa has confirmed that Russia is up to new tricks in Libya. [Read More]