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Tensions are heating up along the Sino-Indian border in Sikkim, with Chinese troops bulldozing an Indian Army bunker and sparring with Indian troops. [Read More]
Rome formally asks EU for help, threatens to close ports to rescue vessels. [Read More]
As Jared Kushner lawyers up, keep in mind that one of his meetings reportedly being scrutinized was effectively with Putin's own banker. [Read More]
Whether Temer clings to power or not, Brazil's growing pattern of top-level corruption spells serious trouble for the country. [Read More]
Shale needs more pipes. [Read More]
€2.4B seems like a lot. But it's chump change compared to what Brussels forfeits by playing at protectionism rather than tech development. [Read More]
On this week's episode, host Richard Aldous speaks with Sean Keeley about Oliver Stone's recent controversial HBO interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Read More]
Maybe, just maybe, enforcing specific norms against wanton barbarity with threats and demonstrations of deterrent violence can work well. [Read More]
China is developing new ways to expand its authoritarian reach, with the pervasive use of facial-recognition technology to track and change its citizens' behavior. [Read More]
The U.S.-India summit presented a series of red flags to Pakistan and China. [Read More]
A U.S. recommitment to Africa would profit all involved, so long as policymakers settle in for the long haul and take their cues from Alexander... [Read More]
South Korea's new liberal president is feeling the heat from organized labor, as the blue model cracks up in the country. [Read More]
America's petrochemical industry is booming, thanks to fracking. [Read More]
Has Trump pushed Moon toward a tougher stance on Pyongyang? [Read More]
What a silly set of lies about a doctored YouTube clip in the Oliver Stone documentary tells us about how Putin gets his information. [Read More]
A minimum wage experiment backfired in Seattle. It could be even more devastating to regions less wealthy than the Emerald City. [Read More]
A fiscal crisis is brewing in the Virgin Islands. [Read More]
As insurgents in Pakistan threaten Chinese projects, both countries may find themselves committing more troops and treasure than they first expected. [Read More]
Presumably it's not a sign of electoral confidence that the SPD is aligning itself so clearly with Putin's key foreign policy goals. [Read More]
Some 10,000 Ethiopian Jews owe their lives to Jerry Weaver, an FSO with swash and buckle to spare. [Read More]